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Sodi - Gauntlet

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This is a work in progress, but I wanted to try something different in Gauntlet and drawing cards is always something I like to do. With Elysian having some of the best anit-AI units, I thought I would try to make a deck around Sodi and the anti-AI units.

Main Deck
Sodi the Metamorph is a great card drawing engine and we can frequently trigger the muster either through Sodi's Spellshaper or a combination of any spell plus the relics in the market.

Blitrok, Linrei's Listener gives more pseudo card drawing, throwing Sodi's Spellshaper on this unit and going face gives you draw 1 for 3 which is great late game

Cirso, the Great Glutton and False Prince there isn't much to say about these units, if you play Elysian and Gauntlet, you always play these guys as the AI has alot of problems with them.

Great Valley Smuggler added some silver bullets in the market, almost always becomes 4/4

Sodi, Wingbreaker great source of card draw and a way to deal with pesky fliers

Ila & Mizo this is definitely a flex slot, I like having a bigger fattie to finish things other than Cirso. If you want to go further anti-AI you can always run Stormtamer Operative. I'm also considering Thunderstrike Dragon and Sandstorm Titan in this slot.

Hailstorm this is a must card in Gauntlet vs all the aggro decks you will face

Equivocate and Ice Bolt tempo and removal

Strategize and Amber Acolyte draw and fixing. Acolyte could be Seek Answers or Seek Power instead, but I like leaving a unit behind. Both those cards are good to give earlier plays though.

Permafrost when you need to get rid of a pesky unit

Sandstorm Scarf this deck definitely has problems vs flyers, so the Scarf shuts that right down

Infinite Hourglass least grabbed market card, It's really only a powerhouse vs Deep Freeze deck

Backlash great to hold to finish the AI

Saber-tooth Prideleader handles relics and life in a pinch

Issues with the deck

We have problems handling fast efficient units as we don't really have early plays if we don't draw False Prince. If we can stablize the board and drop one of our fatties,then our card drawing will usually give us such an advantage that it's difficult for the AI to overcome.

You should prioritize card draw with this deck as much as you can, drawing more and winning via incremental advantage is all this deck is about.

If you haven't played with Cirso, the Great Glutton against the AI before, they almost always triple block it with smaller creatures, giving you three for one most of the time. Even better, if you are holding fast spells, you can cast them in response to the blocks so that Cirso lives and you kill 2 units.


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3 3

Power Sources
20 22 16

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Deck Rarities
9 22 25 14

Card Types
31 7 16 0 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]


December 4, 2019


Eternal Version
The Flame of Xulta

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