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{Mid Budget} Feln Control

Throne Deck By
Eternal Brew


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Control deck with low curve, but efficient win conditions. Deck wants to play Fast speed, this is great upside when opponent plays aggro/go wide strategy. Deck always want to trade 1 card for 2.

Game Plan:
Control opponents board early turns and play threats when you feel you are stabilized. Stabilization in this case means that you ahead/even on board and/or ahead on cards in hand, have Fast answer on most opponent's plays (Fast removal/negate).

Deck Design:
- 18 Units, 8 Win Condition
- 11 Removal
- 3 "Mass" Removal
- 4 Card Draw
- 4 Cycling
- 10 Utility

Cards & Reasoning:
- Deathstrike: simple as it can be, kill unit on Fast speed. Relevant due to all-in strategies are popular.
- Rindra's Choice: cheap answer to multicolor threats and surprise negate spell.
- Annihilate: cheap early game removal, nothing to say more.
- Lightning Storm: early game mass removal against aggro/go-wide decks. Can be used later with Withering Witch.
- Transpose: new market card as well as fast speed Aegis.
- Dark Return: gets back our threats if we haven't managed to keep them alive.
- Seek Power: stabilization on influence and trimer for tops to get less Power cards late game.
- Trailblaze: fast speed cycling, due to the most of the deck's spells are fast it's relevant to play this. Keep removal for possible threat or play cycling/draw cards spell if you haven't used removal.
- Wisdom of the Elders: best draw in game, it's fast and low on curve.

- Tundra Explorer: we play 30 spells in deck and 3/3 body for 3 is not bad. Chance to draw spell on turn 4 attack is 40%.
- Gorgon Fanatic - great card, does all we need. With amount of removal in deck it's safe to attack with it on turn 4, providing even more cards.
- Torgov, Icecap Trader: good on stats threat that scale as our void grow. Useful trigger to dig for more fitting to situation cards.
- Champion of Cunning: hard to remove finisher.
- Withering Witch: this card makes Lightning Storm play relevant in late game, pops Aegis and it is one sided. In worst case scenario it trades as one-for-one with any opponent unit.

Tips & Tricks:
- Preserve cards, play removal only on opponent's turn only after you click on "No Blocks" button, this way you can bait opponent to play buffs on their attacking units to get more damage, this way you will trade 1 for 2. Only visible reason to play removal on your turn is "on attack" triggers such as Warcry, in this case you should kill those units asap to prevent opponent to get any values.
- Play removal on big threats, there is no reason to spend 2 Power on Oni Ronin that cost 1, remember your life total is also resource that you need to manage. Two damage is not that relevant in 85% of matches. It would be much effective to spend removal on a bigger threat that has been buffed by Warcry triggers and/or weapon for example.
- Be power efficient, if you have play that will utilize your power fully on opponent's turn you should do it unless you die to attack. Example here is you have 5 power total, Torgov, Icecap Trader, Tundra Explorer, Trailblaze, Deathstrike and Rindra's Choice. If you even on board or there are no lethal threats from opponent's side you should play Tundra Explorer and keep power for Trailblaze or Rindra's Choice.
- Don't play your threats without backup plan, you shouldn't play your threats if you expect them to be removed and you have no cards to protect them, make a note that you have only 8 wincons in deck that you need to keep alive to win the game, it's possible that you will kill them with your Tundra Explorer, Gorgon Fanatic and Withering Witch but that is not a solid game plan to be relied on.
- Be aware of options opponent has depending on color he plays and power he has, with other words "know your enemy" be ready for plays from opponent side. I would suggest to go to EWC main to get details on meta and most played cards in colors to be ready for them. This also applies to Aggro decks, in this case Control & Aggro plays similar, aggro need to know if it can crowd board without being punished by Hailstorm & Harsh Rule. Explore opponent's void to get full picture of what can be played with more possibility.
- Win on 1 HP is still a win, don't give up and always play to the end, trade your HP, in most cases you should play greedy to get win.
- Don't be hurry, having Torgov, Icecap Trader on 4 doesn't mean you need to play it on turn 4, don't rush to victory, play cold blooded.
- Work on your errors, each time you loose is a good point to analyze errors plays you made, coz in similar situation with knowledge you get from loose you will make better choices.
- Plan your turns ahead and adjust them to current game situation, nothing to say more.

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Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
3 2

Power Sources
21 18 12

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Deck Rarities
21 32 17

Card Types
19 0 34 0 27

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]


June 26, 2020

January 24, 2019


Eternal Version
v20.06.24 - Argent Depths

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Revisions (Since last major patch) June 26, 2020


Hexxen Eternal Version: 1.50.2
20 Likes for a deck tech & games YouTube video.
Hexxen Eternal Version: 1.51.6
Done, video in description
Hexxen Eternal Version: 1.51.4
Starting to work on a video.
abamg44 Eternal Version: 1.49.3
Hexxen, been liking your decks. I'm new, joined eternal after the hearthstone stuff, so still have a small collection. Keep pumping these budget and mid-budget decks out, they're great. Reached gold for the first time with your stonescar last month. Excited to try this one.
Hexxen Eternal Version: 1.49.3
Thanks for kind words!
SmartJava Edited Eternal Version: 1.49.3
Thanks for making this deck! As always, it's so useful to see your thinking in the card choice and how best to use each card.

Would a market be an upgrade to this deck? If so, what might be a good market to use?
Hexxen Edited Eternal Version: 1.49.3
It does. Market for this deck suppose to be reactive plays on threats you can't deal with main board cards you have.
I like to have 1-2 combo breakers (depends on meta), 1 threat, 1 tempo play, 0-1 mass removal, 1 single target removal.
Combo breakers:
Royal Decree / Waylay / Rain of Frogs breaks combos like Endra/Maul/Diogo.
Mokhnati, Restored / Black-Sky Harbinger would fit an additional threat slot to pull off.
Tempo Play:
Poaching Drake / Yetipult / Incarnus, Makkar's Listener / Ancient of the Ice Caves / Kindo Shadowstep / Mazag, the Waking Terror / Rindra, the Duskblade / Vara, Vengeance-Seeker you can curve out with merchant turn 3 market for one of those and play it on turn 4.
Mass Removal:
Eremot's Designs / Hailstorm / Storm Spiral / Devastating Setback / Malediction / Stray into Shadow each of those cards has it's upsides and downsides.
Desecrate / Death Ripple / Deadly Confrontation / Fell Ritual / In Cold Blood / Eye for an Eye / Feeding Time
jemini Eternal Version: 1.50.4
what card would you suggest to cut for merchants?
Hexxen Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.4
Tundra Explorer or Gorgon Fanatic.
SmartJava Eternal Version: 1.49.3
Wow! Thanks for the excellent reply.

I'm adding a market now. I'm going to save your comments for other decks. I'm never quite sure what cards to add to a market, so your notes will be helpful.
LowExpectations Eternal Version: 1.49.2
very fun deck to play
Hexxen Eternal Version: 1.49.2
Fun for you, not for the oponent.
LowExpectations Eternal Version: 1.49.2
how do you beat Endra with this deck though?
Hexxen Edited Eternal Version: 1.49.2
Waylay, Royal Degree, Rain of Frogs in the market from top of my head.

P.S. this deck were built way before Endra
LowExpectations Eternal Version: 1.49.2
damn, thats too bad! are you planning to update the deck in near future?
Hexxen Eternal Version: 1.49.2
With Endra in format you need control on a JPS basis, it has plenty answers. I will try to make a mid budget list, but threats in those colors are more pricy and more relevant.
Hexxen Eternal Version: 1.47.6
20 Likes for a deck tech + play YouTube video.
lod254 Eternal Version: 1.47.5
My favorite deck from 1.46. Still seems good but there's a lot of new stuff and exalted is tough to counter.
Hexxen Eternal Version: 1.47.5
Exalted can be countered in a few ways:
1) Silence unit; Not an option in this colors, silence is mostly Justice keyword.
2) Kill all units; This is possibility, but most of the time require more than one card.
3) Negate die triggers; You can transform cards on death like one we have in legendary slot.

Hope this can help.
flyravenfly Eternal Version: 1.47.5
This is an excellent deck. I've been using it the past couple of days with success. It breezes through gauntlet (I'm up to Diamond), and the Withering Witch + Lightning Storm combo is clever and can turn a game a round in an instant.
Hexxen Eternal Version: 1.47.5
Thanks for kind words. This worth a lot, coz I tuned my mid budget lists for long period of time. This takes months and months. So this kind of feedback cheers me up to do more stuff like this.
Tentacles Eternal Version: 1.47.4
I've been enjoying this deck, now that I've gotten shift stone and the campaigns is there an expensive version of this deck?
Hexxen Eternal Version: 1.47.5
Not yet, no. I had a draft on a non budget version of it, but I haven't completed testing for it. It contains some pricy cards like BHS and I don't want anyone to spend shiftstones on an untested deck.