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Abzan Legend Pile Gold 3 to Masters Oct 10 2018

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Second month masters, second deck design. I initially put this together because new Azindel is one of my favorite cards, and ramping into him seemed the best way to get full use of his abilities. So I did some research and built and refined this by injecting shadow into the combrei ramp shell. Early on in the process I figured out that Telut is the better top end here. He immediately affects the board the turn he comes down so long as you can attack, and he synergizes beautifully with worldbearer and ironthorn ramp. I've had more than one game where I was able to turn 3 merchant, turn 4 ironthorn, turn 5 play 1 copied sigil to drop telut, and swing netting 2-4 additional power on top of the amazing buff and debuff.

The lower end and removal suite went through many iterations. I was running dawnwalkers for a while, but despite minimal silence they just weren't performing. This combined with two early identified big weaknesses--skycrag/praxis fast aggro and temporal control-- led to ditching the dawnwalker plan and retuning. Teacher helps against aggro, but shines against temporal decks if you can land an early one and connect. Ayan helps against control thanks to ambush and card advantage by bringing back a huge unit, but really swings the aggro matchups in your favor.

Devastating Setback has been an integral part of this lists success. I have been consistently impressed with how much leverage I get out of that card in any non midrange mirror, and even there its usually worth 3 power to know whether or not your opponent has removal/weapons or force a stand together into your vara.

I'm ok with the market as is, but I go back and forth on every slot but the find the way. Ill never drop that card from this market. Azindel could be carnosaur. I like passage despite its steep cost to get silence and relic removal in one market slot, but this could be disjunction. I think banish stays, unless I forgo the removal slot entirely and add a parliament. Sword isnt very synergistic with vara, but tutorable lifesteal, overwhelm and a buff have bought me time when I've been overrun by aggro, but it's probably the most flexible slot.

Always open to suggestions and comments!
Above is the current iteration of the post balance changes meta version of this deck. As I've improved with it, I've learned that playing Siraf and Ayan in the same list is exceptionally powerful and flexible. For some longer explanations of how the deck got to it's current place, feel free to check out a slightly longer talk about it here:

My warcry list will definitely continue to evolve though, so feel free to check back every now and then!

**Edits 10/24/18**
Next iteration of this decklist. Goal: 65%+ against the field seems to be achieved. Aggressive midrange deck with disruptive must answer threats and a wide ranging removal package.

Detailed comments forthcoming


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Into Shadow [Set1004]


October 26, 2018

October 10, 2018


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v1.40 - Bug fixes

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cellz Eternal Version: 1.40
Several questions about the reality warden:
1. Is this a meta call card? If yes, what does it combat? I am thinking scream, caiphus graveyard shenanigans and dawnwalker? Or do u need the big body?
2. Is there any budget alternative to this? What about vanquisher blade?
Sceadugenga Eternal Version: 1.40
Hi cellz! Yes, warden is my preferred 5 drop for many meta call reasons, but as the meta continues to develop I've shaved back a bit, 2 main 1 market. The decks you've identified are the primary decks it hoses, along with the praxis/mardu reanimator lists, and revenge decks. Nice bonus is that is also stops cards like smugglers stash out of jund armory.

Vanquishers blade is the best alternative, but there is also steward of the past in shadow.

In addition, in list development for a long time I'd been focusing on mutifaction bodies to make the commonly played annihilate a dead draw, and I wanted a strong market 5 drop for auralian merchant to fetch. Warden filled all the holes nicely.

Now that caiphus has cemented himself in the meta nulling annihilate matters a little less so I'm moving the list to a more 50/50 split of multi and single faction units, and I'll update once I climb 300 or so ranks in masters. That's the benchmark I've been using to post updates
andrewisliving Eternal Version: 1.40
1-6 so far with this in casual. Yikes.
priestblack Eternal Version: 1.40
The deck is only showing 24 power right now.
Great deck btw! Been toying around with it to some success. I added a diplomatic seal and the power base feels solid
Sceadugenga Eternal Version: 1.40
Thanks for the spot check! I play +1 seal-1 banish, adjusted up top now too.
chaostehjace Eternal Version:
How much are you ramping with Telut with only 2 sigils, I wish he hit random power
Ninjacan Eternal Version: 1.39
Marshall seems like a weird inclusion since you're not playing parliament or mystic ascendant. He just doesn't do very much, like why do you want to ramp when you're only going to 7 and you already have 5 power. Telut is good ya, but with only 2 justice sigals in the deck, not so sure. Again he's another card that's better in a shell with ascendant and parliament, or even maybe mask, where you're actually making use of the ramp ability.

Playing good cards and removal is a great way to get to masters, but this list is not really amazing. This list looks like it's worse than any of the other 2 color combinations in it (xenan, argenport, combrei), I would recommend to anyone looking to play this list to try one of those instead
Uktul Eternal Version: 1.39
Just wanted to say Thank my masters exactly now with this exact list....8-3 in dia1 (started from0point there) and lost 1 cos of a brutal top-deck finest hour

Not even saying the fact that if something i Really Big Big midrangy decks...with especially 80-90k+ dusts :P ...thx very much
Sceadugenga Eternal Version: 1.39
Thank you! I'm really happy that you're having success with this list.
WhoTookMyPie Eternal Version: 1.39
Nice list, also found that Telut's immidiate effect to board is game breaking. If you want some more synergie with him, you can try Mystic Ascendant and awakened student, they grow insanely with Telut.

With all the ramp some great parliaments are also very nice to recover from a harsh rule.
Sceadugenga Eternal Version: 1.39
Thank you! Parliament has been on my list to try, I havent crafted it yet. Kerasaur as a market option is also on my list. I tried and was unimpressed with ascendants early in testing but I was on the dawnwalker plan then and the card merits revisiting.
iQuubi Edited Eternal Version: 1.39
Because I really like Vara I had a few rounds with it and have to say: Great core, but way too slow and mana dependent. Playing without Aegis in a "mid- to long range" in this removal dominating meta is just not the right thing. This deck would be way better if you implement more mana focused cards like Initiate and maybe get rid of one colour to dominate the early board with the heavy scored cards like Worldbearer, Vara and Sandstorm Titan but then we are back again to Big Combrei. Telut is an amazing card but shouldn't be in here with just 2 Justice Sigils. I can imagine him together with Mystic Ascendant in a more lategame focused decklist. Also Desert Marshal over Annihilate especially to have a better chance against aggro and I didn't face any scenario where Harsh Rule was very useful especially not with 4 of them. Sword of Unity with Vara? SoU is an is an impressing card but there might be better cards for your market for an example a fourth Worldbearer to have quicker access to it. So all in all I'd prolly cut Justice and just focus on Shadow-Time because I don't really see the need of the green cards also because they heavily work against your overall stability.
ArrowofKira22 Eternal Version: 1.39
Really like your explanation in the deck guide. Have you tried out playing more seats instead of 11 crests to help hitting your drops the board faster? And hows Harsh Rule working for you, it seems like a midrangy deck with a lot of control stuff what could be bad against other control decks with more topend. Just guessing but maybe 1-2 citywide bans could work out.
Sceadugenga Eternal Version: 1.39
Thank you! I haven't tried Citywide Ban, but I think that's a really smart suggestion and I'll give it a shot in 2 harsh rule slots to see how it performs. As far as the mana goes, this deck has heavy influence requirements early on (tt on turn 2, ss on turn 3, jj as early as turn 4, tjss by turn 3 for all your removal spells to be online) so I've really appreciated the scry to dig for those crucial first 1-2 extra power. I would definitely be more inclined to run more seats if I were playing a more aggressive skeleton with more 2 drops.
ArrowofKira22 Eternal Version: 1.39
Glad that you responded :) . What would you replace of the ayans hav'nt crafted them yet. Otherwise that deck is quite sweet and fun to play. It just feels bad when telut can't fetch justice sigils from the deck but its hard to fit them in.
Sceadugenga Eternal Version: 1.39
Totally! I'm glad you're enjoying the strategy. I agree not getting a ton of uses out of teluts ramp isnt great, but pure combrei with telut can make much better use of that, though then I think youd also need ascendants.

I think there are three ways you could replace ayan: with an aggro unit to pair with teacher, in which case I'd go with awakened student; with more answers to help stave off aggro, in which case I'd run a 4th setback and 3 shakedowns, or 4 dawnwalkers to hedge against removal pile.
ArrowofKira22 Eternal Version: 1.39
I tried 2 ascendants and they worked pretty well but i was feeling like playing big combrei xD. Setback is doing a lot absolutely like that card too. I guess shakedowns might be better because there aren't many units with +5 atk for dawnwalkers and the influences might be a problem then again.