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(Pauper) Shingane's Jank

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This originally was inspired by Hexxen and his budget (Budget) Rakano Weapons deck, I took the core idea and modified it with the sole intention of being jankier. This deck, while perhaps not the most effective, is hilarious to watch go off and I absolutely adore it.

This is a pauper deck, which uses only commons/uncommons with no campaign cards. Additions to increase the overall power of the deck would be fetches like Merchants and Fire's temporary ramp cards to ensure the combo goes off faster and more succesfully.

Core Combos and Wincons
Oni Quartermaster with Shingane Forge Play a unit >> draw a weapon >> play a weapon >> draw a card
Bear Arms with Token Generators like Assembly Line and Grenadin Drone, which also combos with Shingane Forge to get more cheap weapons.
Markmaker and Trick Shot to make sure our Voltron we've bolted 15 Hand Axes to can punch through and get the damage.

Let me show you its features
The primary engines of the deck are Oni Quartermaster and Shingane Forge, these combo with our token generators like Grenadin Drone and Assembly Line. Playing units gets us weapons which gets us cards.

Bear Arms gets pumps a unit up quickly since we have cards that generate units for early game, and Svetya's Bravery helps keep our Voltron safe from removal. Thunder of Wings gives us flying options.
Disassembler and Calderan Gunsmith adds reach to either whittle the opponent down, or take advantage of a wide board.
Shugo's Hooked Sword is a finisher and token generator.
Peacekeeper's Helm is cheap, stat efficient weapon that doubles as Interaction in the later game with Rebuke spellcraft.

The basic premise is simple, take a unit, make it huge with Bear Arms or with the cheap weapons we drew off Shingane Forge, and then hit the other guy. Calderan Gunsmith gives us some reach and lets us take advantage of a wide board.

Swaps and Sideboard options.
Swap Peacekeeper's Helm with Elder's Feather to increase Flying options, while still being a cheap weapon to play.
Soldrain Smithing for recurring Bear Arms or the weapon Markmaker creates to add overwhelm. A point of note is that Bear Arms keeps its stats even if it is destroyed/silenced, which keeps it a threat without losing you much steam.
Into the Furnace for cheap removal. Getting a grenadin into the void is a non-issue, which means this is Fast 4 damage for cost 2.
Rally type effects to enhance a wide board state.
Kindling Carver additional card draw options.

Ixtun Merchant for fetching combo pieces, as well as being a unit with overwhelm we can bolt things to.
Toppletower with 28 potential Grenadin, this unit can get huge quickly for low cost.
Kemmo, Ijin's Apprentice can be bought out of a theme deck, and gives us cheap powerful weapons, as well as being a decent 3 drop.

I hope you enjoy this wonderfully janky combo. I have a lot of fun with it in casual games and gauntlet grinding, I hope you will too.


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2 1

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15 18 8

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34 36

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20 14 16 0 25


February 25, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.50 - Echoes of Eternity

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