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(Pauper) Time Ramp

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Eternal Brew


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Tempo based ramp deck. Main aim is to ramp through 1-3 turns to play big threat/buff by turn 3-4.
Deck contains scaling units and having those without answers early gives your opponent hard time to deal with those with units only.

Deck Design
- 4 Ramp in slot one
- 8 Ramp in slot two
- 8 Ramp in slot three
- 8 Utility cards
- 4 Team buff
- 16 Big Units
- 27 Power Cards

Cards & Reasoning
- Initiate of the Sands: our first drop ramp unit, unfortunately it's one of a kind ramp in game, that means it's not consistent enough to rely on it on turn one.
- Trail Maker / Devotee of the Sands: ramp in slot two.
- Avirax Familiar: three slot ramp that can be played off the top of the deck as well as evasive one.
- Wilderness Refuge: three slot ramp as well as tempo play if spellcrafted. More interaction if you play this turn two from Initiate of the Sands and bounce it later with Pause for Reflection to spellcraft it.

- Horn of Plenty: mass unit buff, with amount of units in deck as well as low on curve units you can win games by going wide.

- Calibrate: power stabilization as well as relic tutor for our Wilderness Refuge ramp/removal or Horn of Plenty mass buff/wincondition.
- Pause for Reflection: early turns removal as well as later on combat trick for our units or bounce for Wilderness Refuge to spellcraft it later.

- Corrupted Behemoth: hard to chump block unit as well as hp gain. Can be played as early as turn 3 (Initiate of the Sands + any of the 2-3 slot ramp)
- Infused Guardian: scaling threat as well as both aggressive and defensive unit due to Endurance, works well with Powerbreach Sentinel. Can de played as early as turn 3.
- Powerbreach Sentinel: big body with quite useful effect on attack. Consistent turn 4 play.
- Grodov's Favored: nice stats with great summon effect. Our deck is vulnerable to two battle skills Flying and Deadly. This unit not only a threat but also a problem solver. Consistent turn 4 play.

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32 8 8 0 27


February 24, 2020

April 25, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.50 - Echoes of Eternity

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Revisions (Since last major patch) February 24, 2020


Comment Deleted
Stormseeker Eternal Version: 1.46.9
not suitable for Gauntlet, tested in Master Gaunlet three times, not even two almost wins (six wins in a row)
Lagrangian Eternal Version: 1.50.10
It's all commons - it's not really gonna work in Master Gauntlet. This is more for brand new folks to play on ladder / start to level up gauntlet / learn some basic mechanics.