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Jeskai aggro

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Prismatic Conclave


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the deck took me from 480 to top 49 last season. finished at 82

Deck utilizes a similar greedy power base like HH just our power dorks allow us to play on curve, rather than from behind, more often. Every time I play display, I always want to see it in an aggro deck since it does so much for aggro being added reach and countering the cards that blow us out. you also usually have the troop density to sac to vara making display another vara answer. Deck is fairly straight forward, charge units paired with obelisk to go over top.

good matches: temporal, fjs, ftp peaks, rambrei, maul, skycrag
50/50 matches: HH and Rakano aggro
bad matches: xenan midrange, Paladins fjs

I ran rockslide in the market to headge vs all the rakano I was seeing. swap it out for burn them all/obliterate if your facing a more mdirnage meta. originally I played 7 merchants which was good vs the more midrange dense meta. Aeva was also really good vs the midrnage dense meta and a heavy Skycrag meta as it gives you fliers to win board stalls.

twitch highlights of me olaying the deck:


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Influence Requirements
2 2 2

Power Sources
17 14 11 17

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Deck Rarities
35 15 25 5

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35 8 12 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


March 4, 2019

February 26, 2019


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Revisions (Since last major patch) March 3, 2019


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