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Vara and her Deadly Boi's

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Decided to build a Xenan list using as many Deadly units as possible while throwing in the Xenan Initiation for targeted removal. The main game plan for the deck is to play out hopefully on curve with deadly minions, using spells that give Killer as targetted removal, then recurring the units with Dark Return or Memory Dredger, Pretty standard stuff.

Vara, Vengeance-Seeker is in there for the theme mostly as her usefullness is questionable, sometimes she works out great, other times she loses me the game,Venom Rider has by far been the real MVP 'Boss Monster' of this deck.

V2 : Taking out cards that didn't really fit the theme and adding in cards that give the deck a little more consistency and also more thematic removal likeVara's Choice and Predator's Instinct to have more options for giving my units killer.

V3: I have finally removed the Azindel, Revealed from both the maindeck and Market to be replaced by more consistency in the form of the 4th Vara, Vengeance-Seeker a copy of Trigger-Happy to hopefully do some gr8 b8's and a Banish in the Market for Relic/minion removal of dangerous threats. Deck is performing much better i feel overall.

V4: Removed the Trigger-Happy and 1 copy of Xenan Initiation for 2 copies of Cull the Deck for some draw power


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Influence Requirements
2 3

Power Sources
18 19 12

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Deck Rarities
14 25 19 9

Card Types
32 1 22 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]

Tempo Control

October 21, 2018

October 12, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.39 - Into Shadow

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Revisions (Since last major patch) October 21, 2018


StDeSade Eternal Version: 1.40
Thoughts on an old Vara or 2? Maybe Marketable?
ArKan3 Eternal Version: 1.40
I don't really feel the deck has enough Shadow minions to really use her effect often enough. I feel the only way Vara works these days is using Tormentor or Matriarch who can get you free minions out every turn to proc her effect. I feel i should go back to this deck at some point, it's been a while since i used it or edited it. I feel it's still alright though in the current meta it's outdated.
ArKan3 Eternal Version:
Currently 12-3 with the deck in Ranked (in Silver) I mean Silver's where i am so can't really test it any higher right now.
ArKan3 Edited Eternal Version:
Made some more changes to the deck to improve consistency. I removed the Azindel's as while a fun card in this type of tempo based deck type it was just a dead card 90% of the time as i never reach 8 power before the game's over one way or the other, so the 2 in maindeck were replaced by a 4th Vara and a copy of Trigger-Happy, which i'm trying out a way to trick people into blocking my Deadly's only to get their board wiped. I also replaced the Azindel in the Market with a Banish so i had atleast some form of Relic removal.