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The Night Bomber

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Our goal is to drop unavoidable bombs on our opponent's face all night long. To that end, the core of this deck is Light the Fuse, Black Iron Manacles, and things that trigger Nightfall. A single Manacles and Nightfall is like a torch to the face. If one of those 2 draws happens to be a firebomb, it's 9 damage. This wincon gets a little support from Miris Nightshade activating her ultimate and dropping Nyctophobia and Encroaching Darkness if it goes long. The singleton Lumen Reclaimer is really only there to play even more Light the Fuse and could probably be taken out for a less-win-more, more consistent blah blah blah, c'mon... we're a meme deck.

In order to survive long enough to watch as the opponent dies to us playing an Amethyst Waystone we take advantage of the card draw from Nightfall to play lots of efficient single target removal and also some Thicc Time units to stall out the board. The lifegain from Lunar Magus is no joke. Feel free to adjust the removal to the meta as you see fit.

Prioritze building TTFS influence first, then work your way up to Triple Time, then Triple Shadow respectively. Don't forget to activate Miris. Bomb responsibly.


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1 3 3

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12 13 12 12

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13 14 26 13

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22 7 21 0 25


December 30, 2017


Eternal Version
The Dusk Road

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