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Rank #1 August League (35-5)

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Team Not-Tavrod


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Whether I stay #1 or not is up in the air, but it's been an awesome run. I waited until week #3 to start my games and ended that week 27-3 in second place against TheFanatic. I played one tie-breaker which slotted me into #1 with three days left in the week. For the next couple of days, we traded wins in tie-breaker games. They jumped ahead, I played another two games and jumped ahead. They did so also. Then I got 7 total tiebreak games and stayed in first place until the new packs came out. Week four packs didn't change the deck all that much. I had two Entrapment, but I decided to drop one of them for the 4th week's second Warhorn. I dropped Ancient Manual for a sigil. In my games, the Manual was more of a liability than I thought it would be. A sigil was just plain better. Maybe if I were three faction it would have been beneficial. I'm pretty sure those were the only changes.

The deck was fantastic, and it felt like most cards had specific purposes. Ghostblade Outcast and Warrenborn Mistral were surprisingly important cards, and paired up they just took away games. Aegis on Mistral and lifesteal and exalted on Outcast meant weaponizing them had big benefits. A flying aegis Warhorn unit could draw you one (or two) Oni Grunts at a time (which did happen some week 4 games), helping you go wide. Sacrificing Outcast to Heirloom Blade was always a plus. Rujin's Choice on Outcast in a pinch gives your equipped unit double damage. It also let you search for the right unit at the right time. Sometimes Outcast. Other times Steelwarren Responder to find another weapon or Granite Beetle or Camp Menace for a unit with charge.

Each weapon was an all-star. Foxfang Katars being versatile gave me a lot of flexibility.

Anyway... a good month. We'll see if I stay put or someone edges me out of first place, but this has been by far my best ever league.

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League - Chapter 81: The End of Skullmarket
August 1-31, 2023
August 2023 Sealed League


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August 26, 2023


Eternal Version
The Devouring

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Serus Eternal Version: 23.08.17
Nice Marvin, congrats!