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SecondBlue's Grenadins \[0_0]/

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Current grenadin list I'm running atm in top 200 masters.

Sideboard Info coming soon!

Combust - Great low cost removal spell that enables Madness and is an effective way of growing your Scraptank

Grenadin Drone - Pretty good card

Torch - Many consider this one of the top 5 cards in the game so it's an easy inclusion. Will also enable you to grow your Scraptank by torching one of your own grenadins to play around cards like Auric Runehammer or Hailstorm

Annihilate - Some will tell you that this is a bad card in the meta however I still feel it is relevant vs most decks so I like to have 1 to provide a nice tempo swing or deal with some problematic threats such as Worldbearer Behemoth and Amilli, Cloudmarshal. Even against decks which contain no annihilate targets such as feln control you can still utilize Annihilate to grow your Scraptank at fast speed however you will need to turn off smart auto pass in the gameplay settings otherwise you won't get the pause to Annihilate your own unit.

Combustion Cell - This card is stronger in an aggro meta so you can ramp out your threats and stabilize. It is still useful to be able to play Scraptank with 5 power and then combust a grenadin to take it out of Torch/Hailstorm range. So with that in mind I am currently running 1 copy to help smooth things out and again it enables Madness.

Devour - Fantastic card draw spell as well as being a Madness enabler. There is a number of ways to exploit this card which I am sure you will discover with practice.

Quarry - At it's best grenadins works through synergies between it's cards and quarry will help you to construct those synergies as well as find a specific answer or dig through to your main payoff cards. I hate quarrying for power but sometimes it is a necessary evil however I try to avoid this and prefer to devour first if I'm power stuck with grenadins on board. As a general rule you want to crest after playing Quarry unless you are looking for a specific answer that turn.

Spark Hatcher - A solid card that has both advantages and disadvantages when compared to Tripwire Grenadin. This is arguably one of the least necessary cards to play in the deck but I feel it adds enough consistency to the deck to warrant it's inclusion.

Tripwire Grenadin - My new favorite card for grenadins right now :) Looking at the cards power level in a vacuum you may be forgiven for being underwhelmed. However when you consider the current aegis meta we are in and start to run various scenarios through your mind you will come to understand that this card is actually exactly what grenadins needs to remain competitive. I usually hold Tripwire Grenadin in my hand until an opportune moment presents itself rather than simply playing it out without getting value from the ping damage.

Vara's Favor - I've come around to including this card more in the deck. It's just a strong card in general and especially so in grenadins because you can confidently attack into x/2 units with grenadin. Aegis pops are also particularly necessary in grenadins because you rely heavily on removal spells to deal with enemy units.

Assembly Line - Essential to the deck to have enough grenadin for everything else to work well.

Madness - Considered by many to be overpower this card provides both removal and reach along with the occasional benefit from the card you madness. It has many enablers in this deck so is arguably at its most consistent here. However it can be quite clunky and for that reason I currently run 3 however you can run 4 if you wish and 4 was definitely the correct amount in the Inquisitor Makto meta. If you use Madness while having a full board the unit will go to your void and grow your Scraptank if that is in play.

Scrap Heap - This card is specifically great for control match-ups which rely on harsh rule or other slow removal spells. It is often too slow for aggressive decks and could lose you the game simply by being a dead card however when I am on ladder having this in my deck gives me hope in those frustrating control games. Also helps increase the grenadin count which was lowered a little with the replacement of Spark Hatcher for Tripwire Grenadin.

Scraptank - Firstly this is the best looking premium in the deck so if you really enjoy the deck i recommend crafting this. If unanswered this card will win you the game and it is one of our only threats so protect it well. This card is capable of blowouts both on offense and defense.

Stonescar Scrapper - A very strong card that behaves as a blocker, a source of life gain and a draw engine. The majority of times you do not want to play this without having the ability to activate it's draw ability on the same turn however sometimes it will be necessary and correct to play it without being able to utilize the draw effect. Playing Scraptank on turn 5 followed by Stonescar Scrapper on turn 6 is a good way to win games. I currently run 3 because like madness the card can be a bit clunky and multiples stuck in your hand will lose you games however feel free to try running 4 because it's a fantastic card for the deck.

Flamestoker - This is often a sideboard card for control match-ups however I feel the ladder contains enough control that I am currently main boarding it and having great success. Honestly my highest ladder rankings come from having Flamestoker in the deck. It provides the extra threat that the deck often feels like it needs and has synergies with Combust, Devour, Stonescar Scrapper and Scraptank. Even against midrange decks you can often remove their units that are capable of blocking and continue to push through or race vs evasive decks.

Gearcruncher - The great punisher of uninteractive decks, this card will crunch your opponents board 1 unit at a time. If played while having a Scrap Heap you can do 14 points of charge damage! If you can try to wait for 10 power so you can play Gearcruncher and activate it's ability on the same turn. Also feel free to start a spacing with your grenadin before you play gear cruncher because they will all come back anyway. Statuary Maiden is the only meta card that disrupts our grenadin recursion so try to deal with this card ASAP once it presents itself onto the board. Be aware that if one of your grenadin dies during the use of gearcruncher's ability the damage will be reduced by 1 and also the damage dealt includes the gearcruncher itself.


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Influence Requirements
3 1

Power Sources
20 16 11

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Deck Rarities
28 19 8 10

Card Types
19 4 27 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]

Control Combo

November 26, 2018

April 15, 2018


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bassoonbuffoon Eternal Version: 1.40
HOLY if you needed some help tuning this monstrosity you could've asked your teammates
SecondBlue Eternal Version: 1.40
This deck is like 8 months old lol
IPreferBagels Eternal Version: 1.40
Why no market? Seems like red or black market could make the deck a lot more consistent.
Henible Eternal Version: 1.40
I thought this deck is posted before market is in eternal for the same reason. Haha