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2 2 5

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11 11 23 17

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11 29 12 18

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22 0 27 4 27


December 4, 2019


Eternal Version
The Flame of Xulta

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Gold47 Eternal Version: 1.47.9
I don't see a lot of aggro, so I've made these changes to your list and really like how it plays out against most decks.
-4 Defiance
-1 Conflagrate
-1 Voprex's Choice
-1 Display of Ambition
-1 Dizo's Office
+2 Vara's Choice
+3 Devouring Shadow
+3 Wingbrewer

Really like keeping the full suite of Casts as a lot of people still play 4 Permas and it's a nice way to surprise them with a 2-for-1. Deck suffers to Grodov (FTJ) and to Junk (TJS) due to all of the silence effects and Xenan Temple, but that's why I like keeping some Voprex's Choices in so I can pull a Karvet immediately instead of waiting for big Vara. Loved how it played against me and I love the mirror matches (or vs. AP which is essentially the same but that's a toss up if I draw more Displays than they do Devouring Shadows).
-1 Brel
+1 Malediction
Slepher Edited Eternal Version: 1.47.9
Yeah I love Devouring Shadow when the meta is all Shadow decks, And of course Wingbrewer helps with Grinding. I think your insight on matchups is pretty accurate. I haven’t had a hard time with FTJ though.
Jaqen Eternal Version: 1.47.9
This deck is performing quite poorly for me.
Slepher Edited Eternal Version: 1.47.9
Honestly I’m not surprised, for multiple reasons-
1. This deck is difficult to pilot
2. I built this deck for a tournament where I knew generally what to expect my opponents to play and I had open decklists to know what cards to play around.
3. This deck needs to be constantly tuned to the meta and my current list for ladder looks reasonably different from this one.
Try some Fell Rituals, 2 less Hidden Road Smuggler, and Malediction in the market in place of Brel. Ripknife/Fenris can replace VChoice if you see a lot of Shadow grindy decks. If you see a lot of aggro I’d cut a DoA and an Office for something like Devouring Shadow