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League - Chapter 33 Week 4 28-12 / 0 Tie Breakers

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Week 1: This started as an FJs deck going 7-3. Notable cards in the first packs were 2 Nimble Conscripts, 1 Combustion Brawler and 1 Eclipse Dragon.

Week 2: Didn't play.

Week 3: Dropped the Shadow splash. Added Oni Samurai, Siege Breaker, Rally, and Heavy Axe. Only played 7 games improving my record to 12-5.

Week 4: Final packs added a 3rd Nimble Conscript and 2nd Eclipse Dragon. Ground out the remaining 23 games over the night finishing with a record of 28-12.

MVP: Nimble Conscript. This card feels absolutely busted in limited formats. I took a mulligan nearly every game that I didn't have one in my opening hand.

I bought into the event only once and was very fortunate with how my deck came together. FJ aggro is strong as usual. Most of my opponents decks just folded to pressure or couldn't keep up when racing.

Event Information

League - Chapter 33: Shadow of the Throne
August 1-30, 2019
"Those who fear the desert’s heat will never find secrets beneath the sands."


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2 1

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11 7

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20 4 3

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21 2 4 0 18


August 23, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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