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Rakano Rush

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Fast deck built around stacking warcry buffs on cheap units. Fort smasher helps with getting units on the board. It helps to set it up on the board a turn in advance of when you intend to deploy removal so it has a clear line of attack. Steelfang chakram is also played to help keep things rolling if your units are removed. Only 1 copy to ensure that you don't get stuck with two of them in hand while you are trying to trigger depth charges. I run 2 copies of oni samurai, even though it's not a very strong card, because getting a unit out on your first turn really helps establish momentum from the start. It's a threat your opponent has to react to. Overall I find this a really fun deck to play as it's not just a braindead rush deck and rewards smart use of bluffs to lure the opponent into your fast spells.

Also good for farming full gauntlets. It's worth noting that the AI doesn't seem to recognize the threat of depth charges, nor the unit draw of fort smasher, so use that to your advantage.

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2 1

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18 15 8

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14 31 13

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34 4 12 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Buried Memories [Set1105]
Hour of Glass [Set1115]


September 8, 2021

September 4, 2021


Eternal Version
Hour of Glass

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Revisions (Since last major patch) September 8, 2021



ReBeaver Eternal Version: 21.09.23
Just starting playing this. Great deck, if anything it's fun, but it's also super effective. Hilariously I keep building a huge cache of depth charges but end up winning before I can release them, it's such a bummer.
mugs0727 Eternal Version: 21.09.23
I like this deck--thanks! Was looking for more of a budget dip into Expedition--having trouble competing in throne with limited shiftstone.

I'm mostly a control player, but piloting this is great! And you can really crank out some surprise wins with Scorcher or Stonehammer + Chakram or Finest Hour. Add some depth charges and you can really nuke the opponent in one turn. Love it!
neonharvest Edited Eternal Version: 21.09.23
Awesome, thanks for the feedback! I've made some small tweaks following the latest patch. I've added Ankle Cutter to the deck now that it's been buffed and paired it with Autotread to take advantage of this combo to easily remove the opponent's endurance and lifesteal units. I removed the other 1 power units. I also removed a copy each of Flash Fry and Smite and added Pillage so I would have more options when it comes to removing enemy sites. Pillage is also great for killing the Sandstorm Titans you encounter quite often in time decks.
ReBeaver Eternal Version: 21.09.23
I ended up pulling Ankle Cutter and Autotread back out and putting the original 1 drops back in (I did keep Pillage though). I find it's better for buffing momentum to have those Warcry units right away.
mugs0727 Eternal Version: 21.09.23
Autotread is great! Even pinging their one or two drop legendary with 1 health is fantastic--just pitch an extra sigil.

I'm not 100% sold on Ankle Cutter and Auric Sentry. Here are some possible replacements I'm considering:

-D'Angolo Houndmaster
-Iron Priestess
-Steyer's Eyes

-Granite Acolyte - more ways to buff Stonehammer or Scorcher
-Rampaging Commando - more ways to buff Stonehammer or Scorcher
-Forge Sanitizer - might be too cute but would proc off Depth Charge
-Fevered Scout - BIG maybe, but there are 12 spells to trigger this plus the Song of War