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Rank 1 Feln Control

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Huge props to Galgamation who gave me the list, ran it to a 13-3 record to climb from rank 8 to rank 1.

Original list here

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Influence Requirements
4 3

Power Sources
4 23 18 16

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Deck Rarities
22 14 22 8

Card Types
8 5 33 0 29

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


March 27, 2018

March 15, 2018


Eternal Version
Dead Reckoning

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Revisions (Since last major patch) March 27, 2018


BadBug Eternal Version: 1.31
I'm currently using this version:
I would like to hear comments if anyone can compare between the two very similar decks :)
jakecard Eternal Version: 1.31
Can you talk a little bit about the rationale behind the latest updates? They seem reasonable to me, just curious why.
Gandalf Eternal Version: 1.29
Personally 29 power is a little too much for me, I've been a stranger to flood and find I hate it now as much as mana-screw. Other than that it really is a great deck.
Mechavelli Eternal Version: 1.29
Got to Masters because of you, mate. Props for a really fun deck!
Murder420 Eternal Version: 1.29
Hey Tinman, thanks for the great list been having alot of fun with it especially after watching you pilot it. Just wondering if you have made any changes to your ladder deck after the tournament?
Solafide Eternal Version: 1.29
Why is this running red crests??? For the scout option only?
TinMan Eternal Version: 1.29
Yeah, the Scouts help a ton with the consistency of the deck, between drawing just the right amount of power and finding your key threats and answers at the right time. You generally can afford to play extra depleted sources in the early game since the deck doesn't need to always play right on curve.
YGAlexander Eternal Version: 1.29
This deck is just too inconsistent. That luck for rank 1 lol
UnsilentNinja Eternal Version: 1.29
yeah......that's definitely what it is....
Mechavelli Eternal Version: 1.29
Withering witch would be great against Elysian. Would you recommend running it? If so, what would you take out?
TinMan Eternal Version: 1.29
It could certainly be better than say Bloodcaster if you are playing vs lots of Time midrange decks
Mechavelli Eternal Version: 1.29
Awesome, thanks for the deck!
tormarod Eternal Version: 1.29
Is there any reasonable replacement for harbinger?
TinMan Eternal Version: 1.29
Unfortunately there isn't a good 1 for 1 replacement for it. Best bet might be Thunderstrike Dragon, more Daraka, or possibly Lightning Storm to help vs the aggro matchups that you get weaker against
astronomic Eternal Version: 1.29
I've been running something semi-similar down in the Gold trenches and have been doing well with it. The Big Elysian match up seems the worst; too many threats that don't care about hailstorm. How've you dealt with that or other big creature lists?
therooster Edited Eternal Version: 1.31
And those decks run only a few multicolored dudes and lots of endurance. Just swap 2 Permafrost or Lightning strike with 2 Annihilate and you should find it easier.
astronomic Eternal Version: 1.31
Good idea - thanks!
TinMan Eternal Version: 1.29
Midrange Time decks are some of the bad matchups for this list since their big threats are sometimes hard to deal with, especially Sandstorm Titan who doesn't get hit by Permafrost or Daraka. Generally though, your fliers can take over if you deal with the Sandstorm Titans, and massive late game value with Channel the Tempest helps as it also removes a guy.
astronomic Eternal Version: 1.29
Sounds good, thanks for the reply!
Darckengel Eternal Version: 1.29
Running no setbacks/rain of frogs doesn't make you weak against mirror felns with it?
I like extra Crests idea, I did the same for my mono shadow gauntlet deck and it helps a lot!
TinMan Eternal Version: 1.29
It definitely can, and swapping Hailstorm for Setback is totally reasonable if you see lots of those matchups.
Silvernight Eternal Version: 1.29
An excellent deck, really like it, thanks, I was just looking for a relatively inexpensive feln control