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TJP Chalice Control

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[Updatedpost recent 1.39 Balance Changes]

I've been playing Eternal for a while, and I have always favored TJP control/tempo since TJP excavate+channel the tempest was a thing back in beta.
I've tried many variations from a lot of awesome folks in here, and at a certain point I played a version of TJP control/tempo based on Crystaline Chalice, which was a rather budget deck that showed pretty decent results and also felt pretty relaxing to play.

So, without any further ado, this is my own version of the deck for the current meta:

Main deck:
- Crystalline Chalice, this deck's sweet all-star card, self explanatory.
- I've been tweaking with this list for quite a while, and i can't find myself to change it more than it is. That singleton Vision of Austerity might seem like something that should be on sideboard or market, but it has been helping me in quite a lot of matches and i haven't felt once that it was bothering me while occupying a maindeck slot.
- A lot of people hate Ice Sprites, but man, you can get so much value out of these, just pinging aegis or delaying a single attack as it etb while being another chalice outlet makes it worth it imo.
- Marisen's Disciple, this one doesn't feel great, but doesn't feel bad either, kinda conflicted with it right now and will probably change it in favor of a third Kothon later.

- Excavate, I felt a bit conflicted on this one, but this just can't be taken out, as an old storm player and big fan of Noxious Revival in mtg, having excavate in here allows you to do lot of funny gimmicks and shennanigans,
- I've decided to add a Lumen Reclaimer in here because even though i felt tempted in adding other stuff as a power outlet, i feel like having a single anti-mill grave-reload card to be most cancerous <3

I'm currently climbing the ranks with it, will update accordingly to future results.

Edit 4: Haven't been able to play much latelly but this baby got me to Diamond really easy, recent updates post update made our Auralian Merchant able to drink twice from the chalice making multipl chalices on board tastier!
Channel the Tempest's recent nerf doesn't really change much
Lumen Reclaimer's ability to empty graves has been doing wonders against a lot of new shadow based decks, and allowing me to force some painfull self mills against Temporal Control decks (not really fair considering how nerfed they got isn't it?
Anyway, average win ratio is now around +75%.


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May 19, 2019

September 26, 2018


Eternal Version
Dark Frontier

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sisinobubles Eternal Version: 1.38
Really loving the deck so far, been great for climbing
Lazybones Eternal Version: 1.38
Ice Sprite's a fun one I've never thought about. Unseal is an all star for control mirror matchups and can win games. Keep up the good work climbing and brewing