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Through a combination of opening A New Tomorrow in a pack and receiving the "Combrei Progress" starter theme deck, I was finally convinced to give Big Combrei a try. Obviously it was super low-budget at first as I had none of the major legendaries. However, the deck had a nice feel to it. Big dudes. Big scary dudes. So I crafted one each of Knight-Chancellor Siraf, The Great Parliament, and Sandstorm Titan. I have not been disappointed by any of them, and I plan on trying a few other legendaries (starting with Marshal Ironthorn), but I wanted some opinions on what other cards might be good in this deck. I just found out about the Hooru legendary 2-drop (Kothon, the Far-Watcher), and that seems good for this deck, too. I know strictly Combrei might be better, but I love the addition of Primal to this deck type. It adds a lot of utility that Combrei lacks (namely card draw).

Thanks in advance for any advice, and I'd love to hear your feedback, especially if you've every tried something like this in the past.


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3 2 2

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18 24 15 4

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34 1 14 0 26


September 16, 2017


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