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Embar GO!

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Emargo runner looked like such a fun build around card so here's my take.

Torch x4 Generically good cheap removal against anything the AI throws against you

Xultan Eldermark Scout for so cheap is always nice and its a great card to recur with Embargo Runner Most of your 3+ cost units proc the draw effect.

Blitz stone One of the key cards to combo with Embargo Runner kills alot of 2 drops with its etb effect and is supremely powerful with most of the units in your deck,

Passionate Artisan Key combo piece for the deck. Allowing Embargo Runner to recur Ossuar Longbow. Generally smooths out your overall game plan. Which is to gain value with your low cost relics.

Powercell Decent unit that gives you a powerburst. Being able to cheat out a 4 drop a turn early is game changing for this deck.

Coveted Gemstone Your market access for this deck, Can be recurred with Embargo Runner but it is a bit slow.

Ramba, Arena Showman Another key combo piece for the deck. This combined with Blitz Stone allows for some crazy shenanigan's since the AI doesn't understand how threatening of a card Ramba is.

Sindain, Arcanum Curator This deck can run out of gas pretty quickly and this card helps with that a tad. Also the powerbursts are always nice.

Embargo Runner The key card of the deck 4/5 for 4 is a pretty decent statline. Your main targets are A discounted Ossur Longbow, Blitzstone, or a Charchain Flail

Ossuar Longbow This card is just giga broken and with the many many ways you can discount it can be recurred with Embargo Runner

Hellfire Valkyrie Another great card to use with blitzstone, is card draw/removal and an evasive threat all in one.

Riftfeeder Wasp Whoever designed this card needs to be shot.

Predatory Carnosaur Been good since day 1, amazing removal that also comes with a 6/6 body.


Charchain Flail Target for Embargo Runner can potentially remove anything or just swing really hard at someone.

Infinite hourglass A lot of AI decks spam stun, laugh at them.

hive stinger Life gain can salvage bad early games, or against stuff like black iron manacles that put you on a clock.

Gordov's Burden Wincon

Valiant guardian With blitz stones can be a game ender.

What I tried and didn't like.

Miners musket Felt terrible since it makes you deck really weak to X/3s. Recurring it also isn't that good. I replaced this with Powercell

Auralian Supplier Works terribly with blitzstone and you don' run enough units to draw 2 consistently.

Kaleb's Cloak Only recruits based on it's cost, not the units cost.

Lmk what you guys think or what you would substitute.


Removed Scavenger Scraps felt like a win more card, replaced with hive stinger since life gain is important in gauntlet.

Removed Charchain Flail Didn't really provide an extra win con like i was hopping. Replaced with Pillar of Amar. Decks that run wasp can get mana flooded pretty often so this at least lets you turn excess power into something useful.


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2 4

Power Sources
21 21 17

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13 26 23 4 14

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31 20 4 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Devouring [Set1145]
Separate Ways [Set1155]

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June 12, 2024

June 10, 2024


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Separate Ways

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alamat01 Eternal Version: 24.06.05
Fun deck!