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Good idea at the time, now with hawks

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Meme shuffle deck I've been playing casual and ranked with about a 50% winrate somehow.

The gameplan is to either fatique your opponent out with the infinite shuffling, healing and boardclears or to win with cards gained from "good idea at the time" in case you're on the clock or vs another infinite deck. I have a pretty limited pool of cards right now with a new-ish account, so bear in mind the power cards especially are going to be lacking.

Notable cards:

Moondial - this is your primary draw engine, and good for healing in combo with lunar magus for stabilising against aggro if you haven't drawn healers or any of the removal for little things. By the lategame you should have somewhere around 20-25 power to play with and comboing them with hawk makes for a very efficient shuffling and drawing mechanism.

Messenger hawk - I've gone between running 2 of these and running 4, both present some major issues for practicality in games. 2 means you need to wait to draw both before shuffling one into your deck with the other, otherwise you've lost your infinite shuffle. 4 means you're going to be drawing them more when you don't need or want to. 3 is the perfect number, it gives you 1 to play with if you draw it by itself and means less dead cards in your hand.

First watch - buys time early game if you haven't gotten harsh rules or removal appropriate for whatever the opponent has, and lategame is good for maintaining a high health total. The nightfall combos with lunar magus for compound value and the inefficiency of the healing (8 for 5) is made up for lategame by the fact that you can play several a turn if you really want to.

Good idea at the time - the main meme of the deck. This isn't just a win condition, it's also there to replace cards in your hand that for whatever reason you can't/shouldn't play in your matchup OR the very common full hand situations you're going to get with moondials.


The sideboard I've listed is really just cards I've played around with in the deck instead of good idea at the time. It was originally just an infinite shuffle fatique deck, then I added static bolt as an actual win condition. That got a little boring because while hitting the enemy in the face for a billion damage in one turn while you're at 100-200 HP is fun the first dozen times it gets a bit samey. So out with those and in with good idea at the time for some spicy goodness.

Crown of authority is the exception because I don't own that card. I can imagine putting that in with a single copy of Telut, and shuffling him and some justice sigils into your deck with hawk for some alternate fun that way. 90 power + infinite moondials for draw coming to a game near you!

I've tried about 20 different whackier version of this deck, some with S/T/P and putting in a bunch of relics so I can have 30 crown of possibilities at a time, some with F/J/P to allow for sending a solar flare of a flame blast at your opponent and everything in between. All of them were abject failures, especially one I made with some new cards like grit and the cloudserpent matriarch to make an infinite shuffle warp armour gain/draw engine deck. I never once managed to get to the actual lategame with that one because of how inflexible the combo cards in it were, which is kinda the beauty of the current version - you can use all of them early on without much worry and it'll get you a lot despite how inefficient they are.

EDIT: my new list runs 2 or 3 copies of "re-read" which is perfect for this deck. It lets you use your limited removal or tech cards and then redraw them for later use or shuffling. You can shuffle a bunch of those into your deck rather than other spells that you want to keep for later too, so that when you draw it you can have a lot more choice of action.


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Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
Into Shadow [Set1004]


May 14, 2019

May 13, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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qazzquimby Eternal Version: 1.46.2
How are you getting 20-25 power? Just from minotaur ambassador?
Comment Deleted
bundas Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.2
Mostly that and the abundance of the draw in the deck, a couple of games I've ramped later by saving a couple sigils to be shuffled so that I can play minotaurs over and over with them to ramp up higher. Got to about 45 power at the highest, it let me use all 4 moondials I had in that version while still floating enough mana to play half my hand.

The ambassadors are mostly in there for ramp. They replaced Talir's sanctum because the onslaught effect rarely went off most games, and it relied on having power in hand to be worth using. The sanctum helped ramp better early on but it's a useless top deck, and with a lot of hands didn't help me at all.

Ambassador is the best card I have for it right now really. It was between it, sanctum and awaken the ages.
qazzquimby Eternal Version: 1.46.2
My deck is full of 10/11 fliers for 1
bundas Eternal Version: 1.46.2
10/10 balanced hawk bois.
Trollkungen Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.2
what's your IGN?
would like to add you and spectate an actual game you piloting it!
Have you tried shuffling clockroach?
bundas Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.2
Sure, feel free. My IGN is Bundas+9314
Trollkungen Eternal Version: 1.46.3
yo mate, I added you Aegis+5177
bundas Eternal Version: 1.46.3
Yup, thanks. The couple games you observed weren't exactly the best to see lol.

SpencerWS Eternal Version: 1.46.2
This is hilarious, good stuff