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AP Unseen

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Kill em with skill. Latest update cut down on interaction, added combat tricks for even more lethal hits outta nowhere.

Expedition Information


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 2

Power Sources
18 11 8 4

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Deck Rarities
8 41 21

Card Types
30 5 20 0 25


March 20, 2020

February 13, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.50.10 - Market Changes

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Revisions (Since last major patch) March 20, 2020


Ander1345 Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.4
I posted a similar list, how has Cast been? I find that I often have very little power to spare, though to be fair I was trying out the 6 cost wipe.

I had not seen Master's Blade when I threw my list together. Excited to try it when I get the shift stone to craft em.

I think the list is fun, not sure how good it really is... Hoping it can actually be good over time.
efertik Eternal Version: 1.50.4
I really want to try to this deck, both because it seems like it has amazing synergies and also because it doesn't me to craft any Legendaries!

A couple of random thoughts:

1) One thing that needs playtesting are the new spell market cards. My instincts tell me that Fearless Crescendo might be a bit better for getting through damage and adding battle skills, but Condemn does do damage. I really don't love having a 2/2 split
2) Bart belongs in this deck, period, especially with the excellent weapons you are playing. I'd cut Spirit Guide (too low impact), and maybe go down to three market cards. Maybe only play three since he isn't great without a weapon.
3) Master's Blade is such an insane card. It is usually +2/+2, and can often kill a unit, and you have the Mastery to work up towards as well.
4) Why no Emblems? This is an Aggro deck, and the curve tops out at 4.
Anyway, just some thoughts!
SirRhino Eternal Version: 1.50.4
Thanks for the feedback! Yep, the market spell split is totally for testing reasons. It feels a little awkward, I agree. Going to try all sorts of combinations and setups.

Bart is my mortal nemesis, and I do not condone playing him. I think he's better off in the market though, as drawing multiple barts sucks. If you want him as a 4-of, I think you're better off building a different argenport deck without the unseen theme that's actually good.

Maser's Blade can invoke on the first swing in this deck a lot. It's obscene.

There's a couple emblems, but because I'm playing common cause the sigil count is already dangerously low for seats. Powerbase tweaking will come with time, but since the deck is currently on 0 seeks that makes me want to maximize fixing.

I honestly don't know how much more time I'll spend on this deck this week since there's so many other ideas to explore, but this was a pretty straightforward and silly one to start with.
efertik Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.5
Thanks for the reply! I see you've gone with Fearless Crescendo ... I agree that's probably the best choice, and I see your market is quite similar to mine.

I play 3 maindeck Barts, since I don't love drawing more than one - but I should mention a game I had last night, where I drew two of them, and managed to outrace a U/W flyer deck (Master's Blade on it is obscene, as I was able to get Storm of Feathers off of the invoke to stun his two biggest flyers.

I got rid of Common Cause, because I found I didn't have two unseen in my hand often enough. That meant I could put in the emblems.

Overall, this deck seems stronger than you might think ... in particular, it has a decent amount of Aegis, which is probably where you want to be with so much Armoury and control running around. Stranger are probably a tougher matchup, although the Blade is really good against them (unless they get the Endurance stranger).