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WB FTV Makkar Fliers

Expedition Deck By


Cost Curve




Deck is meant to scale low cost fliers aggressively starting early through to the midgame.

The goals of this deck can therefore be summarized three ways:
1) Drop a lot of early fliers.
2) Scale those early fliers.
3) Account for casualties by introducing From the Void (FTV) mechanics.

1: There are a plethora of 1-3 cost fliers in this deck along with cards such as Faceless One and Humbug Nest which drop new units very quickly at little to no cost to the player.
2: The early fliers are supplemented by cards which reward low cost unit aggro through attack scaling such as Waystone Fragment, Blood of Makkar and Mask Maker.
3: Low cost unit aggro is perpetuated by adding to casualties through discard mechanics such as Spitefeeder and parleying those casualties into FTV units through cards such as Eremot's Machinations, Memory Dredger and Shadowlands Guide.
3B: Discard mechanics also lend towards consistency by allowing the player to bring out relics more reliably through FTV mechanics on cards such as Inner-Peace Ascendant.

EDIT: Dropped the Hero of Makkar - it was too slow. Favored Mask Makers and Arcanum Elites with it.

Expedition Information


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 3

Power Sources
16 15 6

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Deck Rarities
18 25 18 1

Card Types
32 3 15 0 25


February 24, 2020

February 14, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.50 - Echoes of Eternity

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Revisions (Since last major patch) February 24, 2020


jiltist Eternal Version: 20.05.21
man, this deck got absolutely destroyed by that last round of nerfs :/
Rajivann Eternal Version: 1.50.6
Uhm - how do you play this deck if its invalid due to missing 1/3 power?
jiltist Eternal Version: 1.50.6
Ah, it was inputted wrong.

Thanks for catching that. :)
jiltist Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.5
I've been winning with this pretty consistently in Gold Expedition. :)