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Welcome back to the hellish land of my favorite card: West-Wind Herald. We've got infinite damage in our court.

••• I'm Aegis. My favorite part of Eternal is pushing deck limits and creative deck building. I tend to focus on 150 card decks, most of which are 5 faction, just because it's fun. I don't play ranked often and mainly test my decks in Gauntlet masters but I always try to build as competitively as possible.•••


With as much fun as my other deck was, The Herald Engine, I'm always trying to push West-Wind Herald further. It's no secret that West-Wind Herald is a greedy card and wants to play meaty spells from your void. I actually have a build where Decimate is the focus card for West-Wind Herald, but that's another day. The namesake spells that this deck wants to hit are:

~~~~~~~~~~~Key Cards~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1.) Bad News
2.) Rise to the Challenge
3.) Scouting Party
4.) Mirror Image

So to explain:

1.) Bad News is the game winning card that enables the infinite damage combo to go off. It's the primary goal of the deck as with infinite damage and an opponent with limited health, damage - health = win. Get to a point where you have West-Wind Herald and Cabal Spymaster on board. Get an attack through with West-Wind Herald, play any spell from your void, then play Bad News. West-Wind Herald gets to attack again and with Bad News in your void, it will refresh West-Wind Herald and you can attack again all due to your friendly neighborhood Cabal Spymaster.

2.) Rise to the Challenge is essentially replaceable with Bad News until you can get Bad News. Playing your first Rise to the Challenge will usually want to be to seek out West-Wind Herald himself. Once you trigger his infiltrate, seek out Cabal Spymaster to get the combo flowing. At this point just Rise to the Challenge every turn for the minions you need. Ezpz.

3.) Scouting Party is an insane card in this deck. With just Cabal Spymaster on board drawing 4 a turn is the dream. But don't forget, with an Iceberg Scattershot on board this is an instant draw 4, with West-Wind Herald, it's a summon 4 every turn. There's a lot of synergy for this card to be included and it nestles nicely into this deck.

4.) Lastly, Mirror Image. If you haven't seen my other West-Wind Herald deck, this is an homage to The Herald Engine and honestly is another win condition. With an Iceberg Scattershot about, summoning a West-Wind Herald or playing a Mirror Image on one lets you recast Mirror Image on it until your board is full at which point you can cast whatever spell you want. A board of 2/2 Aegis (hey that's me lmao) fliers is pretty tricky to get rid of. Add a Cabal Spymaster and you just win the value game.

~~~~~~~~~~~The Core~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The rest of this deck is just good infiltrate effects as to always have something to do with Cabal Spymaster. Direwood Beastcaller, Desperado, and Gorgon Fanatic are the infiltrate core cards; creating boards, killing units, and drawing cards. You can't have an infiltrate deck without Haunting Scream so surprise surprise, we have it. Enabling all the infiltrate effects from your void and getting their value is by far one of the best early game things this deck can do. Desperado and Gorgon Fanatic can actually just be used to trade as this deck will most likely later utilize them from the void anyway.

Everything else in the deck is draw, influence fixing, or control.

~~~~~~~~~~~Final Words~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I love this deck. I love jank, I love 150 card decks, I love West-Wind Herald. I'll most likely keep brainstorming these kinds of decks as they are my favorite way to play the game, if you have any West-Wind Herald card combo suggestions I may look into building a deck around it. Enjoy!


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Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


February 21, 2019


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YurickYu Eternal Version: 1.47.8
I miss see some of your 150 card deck. You don't post since february . . .