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"Time Quickens" - FoA 12-Ramp Mono-Time

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FoA gave a lot of new toys to Mono-Time decks; this deck utilizes three of them:

Auralian Merchant - Mono-Time is a great deck to utilize the market for either nabbing narrow, but situationally powerful cards or for access to copies #4-7 of its staple threats. Especially Xenan Obelisk synergizes extremely well with the Merchant; as Merchant into marketed Obelisk is a very powerful 7-power-play.

Teacher of Humility - An amazing hoser card that turns opposing card-draw spells like Strategize and Wisdom of the Elders into real liabilities, and it comes on a good-sized body. That said, only time will tell whether this card lives up to the big expectations.

Temple Standard - Bounce effects are pretty cool in mono-Time as they reset Killer, get more value out of Temple Scribe or Amber Acolyte or swing a race in your favor. However, sometimes it was hard to give up main-deck slots for Praxis Displacer. The Standard changes this; giving you a nice Power-Teleport hybrid to run in your power slots.

The deck may certainly be far from optimal and there are a lot of cards that remain to be experimented with (Thundering Kerasaur comes to mind, as does Gnash, Pridemaster). However, I do believe this list is a good starting point to explore probably one of the top archetypes in FoA.

The meta is still very fresh; which is why I decided against publishing a sideboard already.

Comments are highly appreciated!

EDIT: After some experimentation, I found having a power in the Market is invaluable as an insurance against getting screwed, especially in a deck with multiple high drops. Cut the possibly least influential card.

EDIT2: Removed the Hourglass from the Market, replaced with Striking Snake Formation to have an edge in midrange mirrors.


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July 5, 2018

June 29, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.36 - The Fall of Argenport

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Revisions (Since last major patch) July 1, 2018


mowdownjoe Eternal Version: 1.36
Surprised no Power Stone or Seasoned Spelunker. Teacher's cursed relic does satisfy Seasoned Spelunker, so connecting there can be big game. And I personally like to ramp more with stones.
DJModulo Eternal Version: 1.36
Thanks for the comment!

Personally I'm not a huge fan of Power Stone by itself; and in this shell in particular it makes for a horrific topdeck late as you don't need any more power after you hit 8. The manadorks at least do something with an Obelisk or two up. Maybe one copy in the market is fine, but a marketed Sigil might just be more effective.

Spelunker works off the Teacher's relic, but if Teacher's relic is up you are in a great spot already. I would probably consider Spelunker if the other 3-drops weren't a lot more important to the deck in my opinion.