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Death Is A Cow. With A Gun.

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Fear The Reaper

Death isn't a shadow creeping in the dark. It's not the devil, nor an ancient drake, and it certainly isn't a power-hungry necromancer.

Death is a COW. With a gun.

Death is a lawman, upholding justice with a pair of six shooters while fashioned in a COW-skin leather trenchcoat with all the brutal irony it affords. Her armor is adorned with spikes, steel and rock n' roll - everything anyone would expect from the grim reaper.

Her name is Grinva, Breaker of Will.

And she will break yours IF you are found deserving. Or if she has a BEEF with you.

Where she walks, the crowd parts. Where she stares, you could almost hear a whip crack loudly. And when she draws her guns - her smile widens, ever so, divine.

Her gait is sure and steady, and she doesn't need them damn boots - even if they were made for walking. Her HOOVES, she claims, can simply "...walk all over you."

She has battled numerous foes, and those who did NOT die either froze in terror (in a puddle of their own making), or simply walked away. There isn't a man or woman who could stare into the eyes of DEATH's avatar. The great dragon Nictotraxian once wet herself at the sight of this unholy gunslinger, washing over an entire town to extinction, or so the legend says.

For every kill, Grinva has a rune inscribed into her glorious horns - a warrior's badge. And for every lover - what else, but a golden ring, hung from those same horns, for she is a woman with needs, and her udders need milking twice a month.

Grinva patrols this side of the Wild West along with her sidekick, Vara - a young woman of noble blood, seeking vengeance for the demise of her father at the hands of a radiant cult. One could easily spot them as they wear matching sorority trenchcoats.

The duo has amassed a coterie of friends from across their journeys - from merchants to valkyries, to talking wasps and mystic monks. Yes, the reaper does NOT walk in solitude - the reaper is well-connected, with vast resources to make her job more efficient. And she always arrives in style.

Desert-folk will usually recognize the arrival of Death's party from simple vibrations on the ground, for Grinva and her troupe travel atop their Worldbearers - leviathans, 4 stories tall - walking mansions that inspire awe among those who walk beneath the vast shadows they cast on the desert floor.

So the next time you hear a "moo," just walk away. No one will judge you for it (except Grinva).

It can be cowardice, but it's also survival.



This is my latest Gauntlet favorite, currently at 28 - 0 (4 successful runs)

1st Boss: Sudden Death (double damage) - 11 turns
- Vara is MVP here.
- Survived early depleted power until turn 3.
- Was able to trade with Umbren Reaper (Entomb: Deal 5 damage to player) using a buffed Vara.
- Survived a 4-unit Bandit Queen attack thanks to merchant chump blocks + multiple removals, then proceeded to drop back-to-back Vara, then sealed the game with a Titan (endurance allowed me to go aggressive).
- Won with 25 HP (lifesteal).

2nd Boss: Highly Skilled (+1/+1 per battle skill) - 11 turns
- This was a breeze.
- Won without taking a scratch, and destroyed AI with the Grinva strategy.

3rd Boss: Limitless Possibilities (units gain random battle skills) - 15 turns
- 'Fair' fight vs AI since none of us got Destiny on turn 1, which usually happens.
- Grinva + 2 Maktos (constantly popping in) held the board, and Vara + Titan provided aegis/flying hate so we were able to control all the flying echo units + remove them efficiently.
- Grinva's ability was key to closing the game sooner. Dizo was doing it at a much slower pace.
- Won with 90 HP (Dizo's Office).

4th Boss: Highly Skilled (+1/+1 per battle skill) - 26 turns, WTH
- This was much harder as AI got an early Eilyn, Clan Mother then hit Grinva and a wasp, then snowballed. I stalled with removal and just by stacking units + deadly, but the enemy board got scary very quickly because of multiple Bisma and Deepwood Rangers. I only got my footing once I got Xenan Temple on the board and got Worldjoiner to attack once.
- I still won without taking a scratch, but again -- Vara + Titan abilities + silence and all those removals helped stabilize it for me.


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Influence Requirements
3 2 2

Power Sources
16 13 14 17

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Deck Rarities
6 35 11 19

Card Types
33 1 18 2 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Homecoming [Set1005]


August 19, 2019

August 14, 2019


Eternal Version
Dark Frontier

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