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Ragnar & Friends (27-13, League)

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My sealed deck for this month - mostly Praxis, but splashing Justice for some additional removal options. Solux, Blinding Radiance is the most eye-catching of the cards in the list, and responsible for a fair number of my wins, but the cards that actually define the deck are Lord Ragnar and Blurhaze Wurm, which represented an absurd value engine.

Weeks 1 and 2, I had a so-so record (6-4 and 1-2) - playing three factions with minimal fixing is pretty rough. I tried to lean into Praxis's 'big spells' theme with Ancient Machinist, Rust Machine, and Arcanum Battery, but I didn't quite have enough big spells to actually pull it off, so this ended up being dropped.

Week 3, I was fortunate enough to open a few pieces of fixing in my factions, plus a second Desert Alchemist, which made my influence significantly smoother. It also brought in Lord Ragnar, who is a fantastic card and worked particularly well with my 2x Blurhaze Wurm. The deck felt much smoother this week, with a 11-6 record.

Week 4, no major changes to the deck, but I opened a few more inscribe cards (notably Cloudscraper and Warning Shot) that smoothed my mana even further, letting me get a record of 9-1 and bringing my overall record to 27-13.

Overall, I would say the deck felt pretty good towards the end. The first two weeks were pretty shaky due to bad influence, but those issues went away as the month went on. I was also quite happy to make a Lord Ragnar deck, since I don't recall having done so in the past. I think the biggest highlight was playing Lord Ragnar, re-triggering a Blurhaze Wurm and a Rust Machine, then playing Pull From Duty to reset Lord Ragnar and do it again.

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League - Chapter 65: Syl's Ambition
April 1-30, 2022
April 2022 Sealed League


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2 2 2

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6 8 4 3

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15 13 4 1

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19 1 10 0 15


April 24, 2022


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Valley Beyond

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