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Quick Cry Aggro [Budget Masters Gauntlet]

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Started playing a few weeks ago and with my limited card pool from drafts and packs, this is what I ended up with to fight the AI in Gauntlet mode. Only had to craft a few of the cards as most of them are pretty commonly picked in Draft (primarily the set of Shogun Scepter). I was lucky to open the sole legendary, Jekk, although I think any other bomb finisher would work in that spot. I hope the deck can be of use to other new players - the deck has a solid win rate and is able to win enough Master runs that I think it's shareable (and I assume below Master level it should be very efficient).

The deck's goal is to snowball a lead with warcry triggers and use combat tricks along with quickdraw effects to destroy predictable AI blocking in combat. Note that unless you think you can quickly end the game, it's often best to parcel out the tricks/burn in combat to either kill bigger creatures with quick draw + trick or destroy double blocks with removal on a blocker.

Early game, prioritize getting creatures with warcry out. Equipment best goes on creatures with quickdraw. Always mulligan a slow hand - this deck mulligans extremely well since you're guaranteed at least two power on mulligan - and guess what, almost all the cards are 1 or 2 power.

Things to change:
Unsure about power, might be able to use more standards along with diplomatic seals.
Add more finishers/bombs; card draw?

Minor quantity changes on certain cards (Minotaur Grunt to Bladekin, Fire Sigil to Standard)


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3 1

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17 13 6 1

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33 18 8 1

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31 8 11 0 25


July 11, 2019

July 8, 2019


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Dark Frontier

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