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[Masters] TP Spells Matter

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Hi! I'm a relatively new player, only having played for about 3 months or so. I've been climbing pretty consistently to masters each month, and this time i'm sharing my beloved creation. If you enjoy it, please make sure to upvote and comment! Any tips are welcome :)

Ever since Haven Augur came out it was one of my most hyped card, so i built a deck around it and other cards that have high sinergy with spells, such as The Seedtender and Devoted Ranger. Cards like Mirror Image and Lipa, Witch of the Woods are also very sinergistic. (you can run 4 Lipa if you'd like, might even be optimal but i only have 2 :P).

The deck has a surprisingly high amount of gas thanks to the draw engines such as Veena's Masterpiece, First Shipment (which also helps against aggro with lots of reach damage, like mono red or stonescar), Loyal Hercules which digs through our decks for key pieces (again, i only have 3, so you can try running 4).

Riftfeeder Wasp is interesting, it grabs you power cards once you run out (usually right when you play it). A good trick is to save up an Advantage to play it right before your you play your power card for the turn, so it comes online as a 5/5. I've been messing around with it, but if you add more Lipa and Hercules you can think about cutting a few of these.

Finally, the market is my personal preference, as this is a tempo deck and i prefer quick and cheap removals, feel free to swap cards around as you please.

Honorable mention to Grand Excursion, a card that i love and that i'm trying to make work as hard as i can, but i couldn't fit it in this list. It's a little too slow and needs something to back it in order to cast multiple copies of it and cycle through your deck quickly. I'm working on a deck focused entirely around this card and i might post it as soon as i get some decent results :)

Expedition Information

Expedition #29
October 18, 2023
Behemoths of Thera [Set14] Battle Lines [Set15] The Devouring [Set1145] Separate Ways [Set1155] Behemoths of Thera Reprints Battle Lines Expedition Vault Battle Lines Reprints Grand Excursion Save the Day Gareth, Veteran Lantern Colossal Rodent Altin, Bird Whisperer Surveying the Rift Morbid Deal Patrice, Outcast Queen Protective Crow Dran the Farmer Tripwire Trap Coerce Back to Back Nomnom, Epic Epicure Monarch Cloak Citycrusher Gekkota Menace Furious Accusation Aggressive Meeting Bounty Board Finneas and Finneas The True-Sight Map Eris Beastbane One Eye, the Huntress Unlikely Pack Tight-Lipped Ziat's Crackdown Defy Authority Steelwarren Noble Enormous Anura Corrupted Croaker Squash Belief The Hive Falls Invitation Eyes of The Hermit Krogar, Unburdened Rift's Edge Telia, Perfect Timing Altruistic Bonepicker The Beast Slicer Working Together Injustice Seek Refuge Steelwarren Rebel Lystia, Flighty Mistral Sky Race Gareth's Advice Scared Beetender Vara, Decisive Action Svetya, Demand Justice Talir, Looking Forward Eilyn, Battle Ready Queen Corrupted Riftborn Riftbreak Aeda, Heretical Forgemaster Ageless Knight Icy Scrying Listening Bug Marvelous Imperion Master Archivist Mogen, Demagogue Ooze Tower Unstable Hellion Zadia, Fearsome Outcast Zephyrus, Unparalleled Youngblood Guide Cuno, Localized Rewind Camrin's Sniper Rifle Deathless Lurker Led Astray Zora, First Responder Ancient Agreement Sparring Session Conscriptor General Rite of Purification Daisuke the Imposing Shade-Drinker Subdue Veena's Masterpiece Tenacious Heron Veena, Rising Queen First Shipment Fundraiser Sightless Tunneler Friendly Discount Crisis of Faith Akalur, Hecaton's Chosen Akalur's Ravager Lost Traveler View All


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Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Devouring [Set1145]
Separate Ways [Set1155]


June 17, 2024


Eternal Version
Separate Ways

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Grundle Eternal Version: 24.06.05
Congrats on masters. Looks like it could be optimized, like you said because you have only a couple of some legends.

Do you think new Sashenka has any place in this deck?
Alargento Eternal Version: 24.06.05
Possible, probably better than Hercules. I'll try it out and update you :)
Grundle Eternal Version: 24.06.05
I had forgotten about him. I mount toss him in my attempt at a night sashenka deck.
legendaryflames Eternal Version: 24.06.05
So I really want to like this deck. I will say that it's a lot of fun when it's working properly. The problem is, it's fragile.

It runs too few units with staying power. The deck really struggles against decks with high amounts of removal. Too many times you are stuck with spells in your hand that require you to have units to use them, but with no units to use them on. I wonder how the deck would run with adding shadow and going heavier on units with Aegis.
Alargento Eternal Version: 24.06.05
You're absolutely right, altough adding more units with aegis (other than lipa) would require at least splashing green. I had considered it, but then again it would be slightly less consistent due to having to add a 3rd color. Lots of cards require 2 specific so i dont really know about it. What would you be splashing black/green for?
legendaryflames Edited Eternal Version: 24.06.05
Shadow gives you Tenacious Heron and Fallen Winter. It also gives you removal. Removal that will grow Haven Augur at the same time buying you time for your board position to develop.

When playing your deck I through Haven Augur was insane, and it's a card I definitely want to build around in the future... but your build doesn't have it growing quickly enough AND clearing the threats at the same time. If you do that, you can kill quickly.

I was very underwhelmed by Devoted Ranger. I think it's more of a draft card than constructed. It would get me an extra card, but wasn't a major threat.

Loyal Hercules always seemed like a "win more" card. It could overwhelm when I already had the game well in hand, but it didn't get me anything when I was behind or in a stalemate.

Sashenka, Bound is a suggestion that fits in your current deck & gives you a major threat that must be answered or the board gets out of control fast.

I feel like the only reasons to go with time are Wasp and Masterpiece. Outside of that, there are far superior cards in Shadow & Justice.
Alargento Eternal Version: 24.06.05
Heron is a great card, and i considered it. Winter seems too slow for what the deck is trying to do. Going blue-black would greatly reduce the amount of spells you can play on your units. Sure, removal is great, but at that point it's an entirely different deck and i feel like it doesn't quite work either. Devoted ranger is a bit underwhelming, yes, but when it comes to spell sinergy there isn't much more i think. I'll try sashenka out and see what happens
legendaryflames Eternal Version: 24.06.05
Information Warfare & Let Loose are two spells that would be good fits for the deck. If you allow attachments, then you also get Reusable Femur & Kelmak's Spear.

As for Sashenka, you can do really ridiculous things with Mirror Image. That and unlike Devoted Ranger, it's a threat by itself. There are a lot of units in the deck that are dependent on being targeted by spells. If you can get units that are great on their own, then when they get targeted by your spells are soul-crushing, the deck becomes more dependable.