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Even Tentacles Need Love Too

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A Throne deck built for Tempest Dragon King's "Nikki's Brewing Challenge" on the Friends of Eternal Discord.

The goal of the deck is to draw a bunch of cards, set up the Day of the Tentacle combo -- Murky Tentaclesis with Killer and Regen (sometimes Berserk too) -- use it to tentacle-hug all your opponent's units to death, then eventually win the late game.

To fit the deck's name and theme, all Market cards are also even except for Murky Tentaclesis. While the Market could theoretically contain a Primal/Shadow unit such as Rindra, Infiltrator, it was deemed crucial that the pilot cannot make a mistake and accidentally pick a mediocre, non-tentacled unit from the Market.

Align the Tesseract is acceptable insofar as Tessa has at least one tentacle visible in her art. Note there are 8 Grenadin to sacrifice for this backup plan. However, you must sacrifice an even number of Grenadin, as it is improper to play Align the Tesseract for 9 or 3 power in this deck.

There are 38 hits for Grenahen, and many of them will have Destiny, so you can get even more value. Wow 8 Golems!! DWD pls nerf


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
3 3

Power Sources
23 22 20

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Deck Rarities
14 45 16 5

Card Types
31 0 24 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Homecoming [Set1005]
Stormbreak [Set1107]


April 20, 2021


Eternal Version

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