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Rainbow's Edge Control

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I like playing with Rift's Edge and have wanted to combine it with Star-Reader's Tools since the new set came out. I sort of slapped this together and went for it to a nice bit of success.There's still a lot to play with, as far as numbers and card selection goes, but I've been enjoying playing the deck in it's current form.

The dream is of course, to kill opp in one turn with Clash of Wills, post edge-procs.Unfortunately, that hasn't happened for me yet :-( Maybe it will for you? Someone should enjoy that feeling if I can't.

Let me know if you try the deck out or if you have any questions or suggestions. Hope you're having a splendid day.

Thanks for stopping by. :-)


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1 1 1 3 1

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4 2 2 10 4 4

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23 17 20 7 7

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11 8 35 0 26


November 9, 2023


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Vision Edited Eternal Version: 23.11.09
So, I did something a bit radical with this concept. I dropped Justice from the build entirely. Without Calibrate or a better power grab in format, the power base felt clunky and borderline unworkable to me personally. I added Deeptrail Vanguard and marketed Futility, added Feed the Hecaton which is working very well especially after adding Deeptrail. Some other changes that slip my immediate thoughts but would love to go further in depth here and see what you think.
Vision Eternal Version: 23.11.09
I set this to Unlisted to keep my word and not post in competition of your build, but it seemed a more expedient way to share.
Vision Eternal Version: 23.11.09
So I’ll be honest. I won’t comment on this until I’ve played with this card a bit more. I do very much love the idea inherent here and it makes me wish Chirganth was in-format. I did author what I feel was the truest and most consistent version of 4.5f almost-unitless control a while back but if it’s okay with you here I think I’d much prefer to offer my findings up to help perfect this build?
Bettorup Eternal Version: 23.11.09
Go right ahead! Thanks for the comment.
anicetus Eternal Version: 23.11.09
A suggestion, if it isn't too much trouble, would be to list the best non-legendary card that could replace the legendaries. It might be impossible. Star-Readers Tools looks quite unique. I just realized that while Malediction looks okay it isn't damage, so it won't scale, not sure if that is a big deal. Obviously, Malediction is worse and it's double Shadow.

Just a thought. Really love this sort of deck but don't want to use all my shards without getting a feel. If my janky inserts work, I will update.
Grundle Eternal Version: 23.11.09
How has the deck faired for you? I love me some rifts edge but it's definitely tough to stall and protect.
Bettorup Eternal Version: 23.11.09
Do you mean tough to protect the relics? The deck worked really well for me and I took it to masters last week. Felt like 65 percent or better win rate at least. Just like the other rift deck I posted a few months back (which has an in-depth guide that applies here, FYI), it has good and bad matchups. How many games did you play?
Grundle Eternal Version: 23.11.09
I'll try to watch you play it. I'm probably around a 40% wr in g1 with 12-15 games.
FafaPapa Eternal Version: 23.11.09
Very nice, I just think it's kind of shame not to play The True-Sight Map in a 5 factions deck :)
Maybe one or two copies in place of Clash of Wills?
Bettorup Eternal Version: 23.11.09
The main reason for excluding this card is that the deck already has Rift's Edge and Star Reader's Tools doing basically nothing the turn you play them, which is already a huge liability versus aggressive decks. There are of course matchups where this kind of extra value is helpful, but I think they are too few and far between. Thanks for the suggestion and comment!
Grundle Eternal Version: 23.11.09
Problem is that it's a whiff for rifts edge. Prob better in another 5f, namely the relic deck.