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Pauper Stonescar Daggers (26:9)

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Team Not-Tavrod


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This is the deck that I ended up playing for all 5 of my leaderboard runs in the pauper event and it worked out fine (5:2, 4:3, 5:2, 7:0, 5:2). I made a bunch of changes while playing and there are still some things that can be changed around a bit, but I played this version now for the last 2 runs (12:2) and consider it my final version. The deck is really good if you want to beat up aggressive fire decks because you have good early blockers, efficient removal, ways to win the board in the midgame and lifegain.
The deck is built around one of the best cards in the format, Corrosive Dagger. You can ramp up influence pretty quick with strangers and symbols and the 1/1s with decay are great in this format ( they block 2/1s, chump block bigger units down and make void recursion worse). Grenadin Drones and Chemical Rounds are also 2 insanely good cards this format: Drone slows down aggressive decks, can put on pressure against slower decks and grants sacrifice fodder. Chemical Rounds kills most 1 or 2 drops, slows down bigger units and is great against void recursion decks. Bladecrafter and Oni Hybrid make our Daggers more consistent and can sometimes draw/recycle Cannon if you need small removal or damage to close out a game. Gleaming, Hatcher and the fire waystone are more sac fodder.
I decided to not go for a MonoF build for Daggers even tho the influence is easier there, because shadow gives you some really good cards. The most important is Marsh Dragon. It basically wins the game against aggro as long as you have something tho sacrifice and didnt drew horribly. The moment I hit 5 power I usually have around 5 to 6 units in my void already, at which point Marsh Dragon is already great, but it gets even better over time. A 3/10 dragon can block basically anything, is really hard to kill and the life gain helps to play around burn damage. Other than that shadow gives us 3 good ways to use our small units. Devour helps to find our best cards or power if necessary and the lifegain is nice. You can just sac a 1/1, optimally when you chump block with it, or dodge removal. Combust mostly helps with Basher and big Nahid Faithfuls and Thornbeast is another threat or stabilisier early on. Dark Wisp helps all those sacrifice effects and can basically value block x/1s. The 2 fixing strangers round up the build and help to hit your shadow influence or to get more fire influence for Daggers, depending on what you need more.
The market can be changed a bit depending on what you like and I included some uncommon and rare alternatives again for people with a tight shiftstone budget. Jekk is the best card in the market, because he can stabilise, answer evasive units and pressure the opponent at the same time. Siege Train is the most aggressive option and not great if you are too far behind, but he just wins the game if you are ahead or in parity. He could be cut for a more defensive options if you like tho. Statuary Maiden was intended as an optiuon against the Xenan decks, but she is decent against aggro too. But she sometimes feels not impactful enough, so I could see cutting her. Vicious Highwayman is a bit risky because he needs 2 shadow influence, but he can turn around games against aggro pretty well and put pressure on against slower decks. The 3 health isnt great tho. Metalfang is probably the second best card in the market, which is kind of insane for an uncommon. She stabilises against aggro (the 4 health makes it difficult to kill her and even if they can they use 2 removal options and still have to get thorugh the Grenadins). If she doesnt get removed she just wins the game on her own, especially against aggro.
Good luck and have fun!

Event Information

Pauper Uprising
July 2-5, 2021
Your deck may only contain common cards, but markets can be packed with value


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
3 2

Power Sources
23 6 4

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Deck Rarities
64 1 1 3

Card Types
38 5 12 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]


July 4, 2021


Eternal Version

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