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Aggressive Flying Deck I brewed that got me to Master in the November Season. This is the first time I've played Eternal since 2019, but I have a lot of experience with this archetype in Magic.

Absolute MVP is Thundershot. This card absolutely steals games from so many unsuspecting foes. Rallying Trumpeteer also helps a lot here. Throw your Starlight Guide onto the field early for that sweet 3 attack for a 2 drop. The Spellcraft ability can be a nice late game draw if your opponent happens to setup Nightfall or you have another Midnight Reprieve. The spellcraft for 1 (or more if Cloudsnake Harrier is on the field) is rarely helpful compared to the higher attack in the air. Lystia, Flighty Mistral is a soft Justice power card that helps you curve out, but also keep in mind her damage invulnerability ability as only unit on the field. This can be useful against aggro decks, but sometimes you also want to drop two 2 drops to block with on t4 as they can go wide very easily with charge/recruit. Remember that both her and Altin, Bird Whisperer damage invulnerability abilities also protect you from Overwhelm damage.

Market Guide:

When you're ahead, you want to hold up your Wilderness Delivery for the Beastly Disruption counterspell (Backlash is also a valid alternative). Violent Gust for flying blockers was probably my 2nd most used Market Card. Heavy Hail was great when facing the go wide faster aggro decks with a lot of charge/recruit. Turnabout can be a nice t3 removal spell play, but generally was less than impressed, and I only used it after the buff. Lipa's Blessing was the "removal" option for nasty non flyers especially with passive abilities.

For a more budget version, you can definitely cut Collector Crow as the legendary. I was playing Lipa, Witch of the Woods before her nerf. She is an option especially with the 3 mana copy spell that is also good on a late game Wild Cloudsnake, but as the deck is pretty weak to 1to1 removal on the early turns and then board wipes, the Cloudsnake dupe is a little win more. It's nice to have an Aegis on Lipa, but 1-3 power for a 3 drop felt a little low (and I wanted to take advantage of refunding my craft material from her). Devour abilities are harder to enable, but that was a tradeoff I'm fine with.

My initial build had a lot of one drops. The flying 1 drop with aegis could be good in a more budget friendly version. I originally played with Windshaper as another flying payoff as well as a bigger blue focus and Primal Incarnation, but I ended up cutting them for others. Definitely playable uncommons for more budget friendly build. I find Eternal to be a little slower than Magic, and a 1 drop focused flying deck misses a "pump all flying unit +2/+2" like Rally of the Winds does there.

As a general rule, you want to be focusing on out-aggroing your opponent. Don't trade with blocks unless you're playing the very aggressive decks where you are the control/grindy deck. Playing to your outs with a Thundershot or Rallying Trumpeteer sneak wind is crucial to a good win rate. Ideal start is t1 Midnight Reprieve, t2 2 drop flyer, t3 3 drop flyer (avoiding Rallying Trumpeteer to save for later if you can. A 2 drop is her same attacking power on t3 and is fine to play there), and t4 4 drop flyer or two 2 drops depending on how the game has gone so far. Highpeak Frosthawk is nice to have if you think they'll play a board wipe into your board. I find myself playing it over Collector Crow often when I have the option, but it depends on opponent's deck and board state. The game is far from over if you get board wiped, and sometimes you want to wipe the board yourself. There is a lot of late game grind potential on most of these cards as well as drawing Thundershot if you managed to get your opponent to 3 or less life.

Enjoy the skies y'all <3

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1 2

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9 16 4 4

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9 27 16 7 4

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42 0 13 0 25

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The Devouring [Set1145]


November 13, 2023


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