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Rule The Skies 1.0 (75 cards // Budget)

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The reason the deck is monochrome is to add to its consistency, and also (most importantly) because I felt like if I'm going to be ruling the skies, I might as well do it with the faction that is associated with storms.

At the current meta it's doing surprising well. Even Sandstorm Titan can barely counter it. On the other hand, if you are up against a deck that has a good early start (up to turn 3), you might not fare very well.

The deck focuses on one thing only: Flying. There are barely any non-fliers, and those that are there contribute something to the fliers. Surprisingly, this tactic bears fruits. Barely any other deck utilizes a lot of fliers, so you find yourself largely unopposed. Especially control decks can barely do anything, because their removal spells are fewer than the fliers. Even better, most players I meet make the mistake of saving their removal for what they think will be more dangerous later. Before they know it, the board is flooded with small units that are essentially unblockable and they can't do anything about it.

Generally one doesn't find many fliers because of their low stats compared to their mana cost. Therefore, your opponent will be wasting mana on ground creatures, which can offer him nothing defensively. Furthermore, over here on the mountain peaks we don't concern ourselves with the petty wingless mortals. They can try attacking us all they want, we don't really have to oppose them. What I mean is that you gotta use your life as a resource and utilize your creatures in an aggro manner. Attack face whenever possible, only stop if you are in dire straits and need to defend or deter attacks. Use your Polymorph, Permafrost and Ice Sprite to take out dangerous creatures and other fliers. Don't waste them on ground creatures, unless they are really dangerous to your own health. But especially focus on fliers. If you see a flier you can't deal with (e.g. Inquisitor Makto), then you prioritize your removal on them.

Backlash is a very useful spell to have in the deck. It can deal with removal against your precious hard-hitting fliers. It can also deal with the enemy's attempts to remove stuns from his fliers and dangerous creatures. Don't let them. If you have Backlash on hand, it's usually prudent to save that 2 mana. Another important function of the card is to prevent your enemy from drawing.

Crystallize is in the deck for one simple reason. If you are facing a stalemate you are going to lose. Your creatures are too precious to be sacrificing. If you are close to dying but you have the capacity to win next turn it's also going to turn out handy. Play Crystallize and watch your opponent concede.



I've turned the deck to a proper 75 size. I've favoured spells that draw, stuns and polymorph in place of spells that draw sigils. I don't find myself starved for power often. if you do, then make the changes you feel are necessary. I prioritized draw because I prefer to generally receive more fliers to play now or in later turns. If power draws screw you over by being too few, you can still function relatively ok at 3-4 mana. I also still feel that this deck does extremely well because of its high removal content. It's with heavy heart that I cut off 1 permafrost and 1 polymorph.

I've added a pretty big sideboard. Those are suggestions for cards that can replace your equivalent-costing cards. If you have more Cloudsnake Harrier then use them instead of Skysnapper. I didn't put more in my version, because I only have 2, and didn't really want to spend shiftstone on creating more. They do the same job at the same cost, the harriers just have better health and can defend. The spell power is largely irrelevant and will rarely, if ever, be of use to you. But it can scare your opponent, so there's that.

Those legendaries are mostly good choices, but in my experience I've never gotten to play them or utilize them sufficiently. If I am at the point where I have 7-8 mana, I have usually already won the game. I used to run Eilyn, Queen of the Wilds, but I only got to use her ability once. And it basically allowed me to draw a couple more cards. And then I won the game regardless.Rest of the time it just takes up deck space. However, do play Magus of the Mist and Pearlescent Drake if you own them. They are both excellent choices, and can replace the Mistveil Drake.

Finally I removed Static Bolt in favor of Lightning Strike. Lightning strike does more damage for the same cost and is therefore a better form of removal. Especially against Warcry creatures, which can resist Static Bolt, unless you've drawn a second one.


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September 2, 2017

August 28, 2017


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Otherguy Eternal Version: 1.23
Very cool deck. Got me some quick wins.
I replaced Mistveil Drake for a 4th Cloudsnake Hatchling. Just too make it a little bit faster.
mama95 Eternal Version: 1.23
Thank you for the deck and mostly for the explanations. +1 from me. I'll give it a try.
genida Eternal Version: 1.23
Looking forward to the 75 card version. Any legendaries you would consider? It's working on fixing up my gold daily atm.
OrnluWolfjarl Eternal Version: 1.23
Updated to 75 cards. Feel free to provide feedback.
genida Edited Eternal Version: 1.23
Trying it out now. If I may be nitpicky on "watch your opponent conceit.", it's concede :D
OrnluWolfjarl Eternal Version: 1.23
Oops. Fixed. Thanks :)
OrnluWolfjarl Edited Eternal Version: 1.23
The one that plays that 6/6 dragon and the other one that gets +4 on Spark are pretty good. Eilyn is also decent, because she can end up drawing a lot for you, but I rarely made her work out in my tries. Usually the game is over before she gets a chance to do anything.

The problem with cutting cards is I don't know what to cut :P If you have suggestions on something you see not working well I'd be glad to hear it.
Ximitta Eternal Version: 1.23
Why 110 cards?
OrnluWolfjarl Eternal Version: 1.23
Updated to 75 cards. Feel free to provide feedback.
OrnluWolfjarl Eternal Version: 1.23
Because I'm trying to see what fliers work best and set up the sideboard. Also, consistency isn't an issue with the deck. It doesn't matter what you draw, it's usually going to be useful. The deck doesn't rely on a combo, and there's more than enough draw to ensure you can have good cards available. As long as you manage to hit 5-6 mana and you have at least 1 stun in your starting hand, the game is basically won. For now, it's working well, because I started playing this at Silver 2, and I'm well on my way to Gold 1, and possibly Diamond.

I'm going to create a 75-card version in the next few days. Suggestions are welcome. As is, I have a 72% winrate, mostly because the meta allows me to.