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Team Rankstar's Praxis Tokens By Magikarp

Standard Deck By
Team Rankstar


Cost Curve




Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
3 3

Power Sources
18 19 12

Power Calculator
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Deck Rarities
25 17 20 9

Card Types
36 4 15 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]


July 13, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.36 - The Fall of Argenport

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Arcengal Eternal Version: 1.36
I was actually about to post about issues I was having with the list (the mana feeling way worse than before especially), but then saw you'd uploaded a new one. :)
mewecoffee Eternal Version: 1.36
Played a budget Praxis Tokens up until now. Was having a hard time getting to Master's in Gauntlet, this got me there on my first try! Great improvement to the list.
Dillon Eternal Version: 1.36
Used to play original Praxis Tokens prior to set 4 being released. Now I'm gonna try this revamped edition and hope it's just as good as I hear :)
Dillon Edited Eternal Version: 1.36
Well I was playing my first ranked game while posting that first comment (I hit submit right as I hit "redraw"). Needless to say, I was able to pump out 5 grenadins + merchant by turn 5 which turned into a open board attack using Rally + Torch to hit for 21 damage. He added me and went off on me calling me some sort of cheat and a hack, all because his typical TJP failed, lol. Great results from just one game, but that's not the big picture. If I remember I'll comment on a higher game play of minimum 10 matches played.

Edit: Actually I ended up winning before turn 5.. I wasn't paying attention in game and was estimating due to the power I had, forgetting that I had played a Initiate and a merchant, so I ended up winning (according to Match History) on turn 3. Pretty crazy to be able to deal LETHAL DAMAGE via 1-3 cost units on just turn THREE. I mean I could see winning turn three MOST of the time due to the fact they got power boned on a draw/redraw and didn't draw any in the following 3 turns and just knew it wasn't worth even trying to come back.. BUT the fact I was able to deal 25 damage by turn THREE and win legitimately without a concede is awesome. Not my first time doing it, and the circumstances lined up perfectly, but whenever you pull it off.. Well.. It just FeelsGoodMan!

I hate to say it, but my plan is to use decks such as this Praxis Tokens, Stonescar Aggro, and Argenport (The version that's aggro but can still pull of mid game wins) while playing other decks in between because I get SO BORED easily. If someone told me I could get to top 100 Masters this season and stay there if I ONLY used this deck or a StoneScar Aggro deck and NOTHING else the entire season long, well.. I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't even take it into consideration..

Seriously, that's how bored I get. I have to be able to play some fun decks that might not even be top 3 tiers.. Or use some tier two and three decks, with the occasional 1.5 Tiers (as they're graded on Team Rank Star) such as the newer versions of the "Charge Rod" aka Answer the Call&Divining Rod combo deck utilizing Bullet for turn 4 wins if you're lucky on the draw.. Being able to pull out Kaleb or Icaria (Kaleb if you were able to get at least 2-3 units out to make most of his effect AND the fact that he can put Divining Rod on one of those units randomly!) plus another 2-3 high power cost charge units is just amazing. I remember pulling out a Kaleb which put TWO divining rods on both my Bullets. I ended up having those two bullets and the Kaleb PLUS two 5/5 Icaria and a BONUS Kaleb (plus one or two lower cost Charge units). I think I wound up hitting for around almost 100 damage leaving the opponent at NEGATIVE 85-90 if not more. The two divining rods that used the charges on both bullets, plus the fact I pulled out my bonus Kaleb last (Not sure it would matter anyways, or if the summon is played RIGHT away even if the deck is being drawn from still for more chargers) which put weapons on 2x Bullets (again), 2x Icarias, the other Kaleb, and the other low cost units..

Man I wish every rod game went that amazing, but if it did, once again I would get bored of it and look to play a different FUN deck that accomplished wins using the amount of FUN level cards.

ANYWAYS.. So far I'm at 4 wins & 1 Loss with the Praxis Tokens at Silver 2 into Silver 1. I'm only at Silver this season because I started not only a week late, but was too busy to play ranked season matches up until 2-3 nights ago, and even then I didn't play much.. But now that I have about 5ish to 6ish Set 4 META decks (maybe 7) that are ORIGINAL. Original not meaning I made them, but for instance "Combrei Aggro" or the "Charge Rod" decks I have 3 different versions of the Combrei Aggro and 2 versions of Charge Rod (Plus other versions of other S4/FoA META decks)... Meaning I'll be playing A LOT more games every day and/or night because I can easily play anywhere between five and ten games with each deck, whether I win or lose all of them doesn't factor in anything except maybe I don't let myself go 0-7 and finish out 3 games hoping for 3 wins to redeem the decks META usage.. That being said, I can get more play in each day/night without wanting to blow my brains out because of repetitiveness/boredom LOL.

So once I hit the 10 games or so mark, I will post my final conclusions on how I think this deck will suit me in later games to come.. Also posting the Win/Loss record for those 10 games.. Which I know means nothing, not only because I'm in Silver 1.. But because even playing 30 games ranked doesn't give you enough data to give significant stats for any deck. Honestly I'd say MINIMUM 50 games from at least GOLD ranked play is the lowest I would consider taking stats into account for any purpose. Just because the META isn't anywhere near solidified to determine it'll do great for ranked because the META isn't "locked in" so to speak.. Most CCG/TCG such as Magic: The Gathering and what have you are the same way, usually any and all CCG/TCG will be in a state of FLUX as far as any meta is concerned due to the fact everybody is constantly trying new stuff out, testing waters with X decks and seeing if they play MORE or LESS decks that counter them, plus a few other important standards..

I'd give it another 3-5 weeks before you can start to see the META game shift into what it will be known as for the rest of the season.. Of course with variations as the season comes to a closeout after claiming X decks are the new META for said season. Usually this happens when a "new deck" or a new variation for an existing deck comes out that is TWEAKED just enough to counter a few more current META decks.. When this happens you can sometimes see actual META decks that were being played since Day one of the new season actually get REVAMPED so much that you don't even recognize them anymore because they had to answer the new counter deck(s) and the changes made to them, just so they can stay relevant!

Whew, sorry for going off on a tangent. I do this sometimes when I get my mind wrapped around a certain subject when writing a new comment/editing a past comment, 95% of the time being done on Eternal Card Game's Reddit/Sub-Reddit but with a rare time such as now where it's done on EWC's website :P

Edit Number Two: Just hit submit comment for the first edit and Holy $hit did I ever just start going off! LOL.