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Answer the Call is Getting Nerfed

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UPDATE: It did, in fact, get nerfed.

Charge rod was becoming less and less about rod anyways, so why not get rid of it and focus on the real busted card. Credit to SkeeJay for the base list which I made some slight changes to.

This deck still has plenty of room for improvement. Battleblur Centaur has its moments, but you could work in more Baby Icarias or Enforcers since they're better stand-alone cards. Bracers has its moments, but something like Ornate Katana is probably just as good. Amilli or Soulfire Drake are worth keeping in mind, but I don't think the list lacks topend. Three Kaleb is probably better than four, but not nearly as cool. Zero Harsh Rule main is correct though, but feel free to have one in the market.

Went 17-3 with this thing tonight, feels legit. And stupid.


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


August 9, 2018

August 7, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.37 - Balance Changes

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chaostehjace Eternal Version: 1.37
I have been piloting this to great success, a couple things I have noted,
Banner in the market,
Board wipe in the market,
Have yet to use Bulletshaper ultimate,
More Icaria! the mana fixing is great.
I am running 2 less Kaleb and I think it is the right number.
DeepForge Plate is the secret (not so secret) OP card of this deck.
Dyinginthegame Eternal Version: 1.37
Stand Together is a shit card disruption in the balance, needs adjustment more than answer the call
finalprodigy Eternal Version: 1.37
dwd got a shit balance.
DaLejund Eternal Version: 1.37
So is this deck dead? Because I was literally in the midst of dusting to make the deck.
ElEshVee Eternal Version: 1.37
No, it's not dead. It's just not as explosive as it was. The deck still won before without casting answer at all, and waiting another turn doesn't changed the fact that answer finding Icaria and a plate is normally lethal.
ElEshVee Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
Even through the nerf, this deck got me over the hump from half DI to masters. Nicely put together. Now to go play jank like charge rod! oh...right...
LordEng1ish Eternal Version: 1.37
Now this deck needs to be called Answer the Call got nerfed.
flippyflop Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
20-7 (74% w/r) here but i'm a far worse pilot, 3 losses to praxis tokens (all Scampi), one to icaria blue on the draw, one to TJP tempo (Isochron), one to a bullslinger ramped chargerod, one mask control, and one to a random hooru deck where i played badly.

i don't want Answer the Call to get nerfed, i actually really enjoy it in my Answer the Slingers and TJP(s) spellcraft deck...
but yea, this meta is absolutely stupid right now (praxis tokens, icaria, allessi)
it just makes me want to play a deck with hooru pacifier, rain of frogs, hailstorms, citywide ban and counterspells

edit: played a few more
svrQQ Eternal Version: 1.37
What is with this singleton little Icaria?
TheSkeeJay Eternal Version: 1.37
I was wondering why my deck suddenly became so popular! It was you, spilling secrets since 2018. Did you stream this?
svrQQ Eternal Version: 1.37
Idk he was talking about it in discord. Went 11-1 on my way from mid D2 to masters. This deck feels busted AF. Only game I lost I drew 3 Kalebs and 3 Icarias and no Ramp or blockers while Praxis Tokens A spaced me for 5 turns.
hsgroot Eternal Version: 1.37
I'm really hoping this takes off since rod tilts me so much. Props to you my good sir for making people think of the deck differently :D