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This is the deck I use to grind gauntlet with. Currently at 90% winrate over 60 games. Very uncommon to not get to the final boss.


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
2 2

Power Sources
14 15 8 4

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Deck Rarities
14 29 23

Card Types
29 10 11 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]


June 4, 2017


Eternal Version
Distant Lands

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detrickster Eternal Version: 21.03.10
I realize this is an old deck, but it has some really good ideas in it. I modified it by adding 4x just desserts, 3x defiance, switching the sigils out for combo lands, and switching seek power with calibrate. Have fun
Wok Eternal Version: 1.25.1
This is a very consistent deck. Thanks!
Average Eternal Version: 1.23
Still use this deck for gauntlet runs, not the fastest deck but generally gets me to the boss.
neodrake Eternal Version: 1.22.4
first game, first loss
Soleone Edited Eternal Version: 1.22.3
Brought me from start to Master losing only 2 games i think, like 35-2 or something.

Budget considerations: If you're missing some of the buff cards dont worry, you can replace them with some slightly weaker buff cards instead and it should still be decent enough. The flying lifesteal units are the core of your success, these hurt more if you'd replace them with weaker flying alternatives.

Can't agree at all with the other comment that the influence isnt built properly, most units dont even need double power of the same color and there's 12 dual power cards to get you there.
konan Eternal Version: 1.20.6
I tried it and it's working like a charm. The first two runs were 7:0 :-)
Giraffe Eternal Version: 1.20.6
too many high influence cost units and not enough power
Comment Deleted