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3 Colour Strangers

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Basically just a fun deck I created a while back.
If you guys have any suggestions on how to make it better don't hesitate to comment.


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2 2 1

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12 13 12 12

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14 34 14

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25 2 23 0 25


September 13, 2017


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Wheelgunner Edited Eternal Version: 1.24
I understand that Hooru Fliers is rather potent and popular at the moment, but I might switch out some of the Bring Downs and replace them with Eilyn's Choice. Strangers can also get alot of skills, so I'd be tempted to include a copy of Master's Lesson. I don't have too much experience with Stranger decks though, so my thoughts aren't backed up with experience.
Dy19 Eternal Version: 1.24
The Bring Down is mostly in there for the silence though, yes it can destroy a flier which is an added bonus, but generally I use it to silence key creatures. But I'll give it a go with Eilyn's Choice in there, I just didn't think that the card was that usable in the current meta.

As for Master's Lesson yes it would be a good card with stranger decks, but in this deck the strangers will usually only have 2-3 skills at a time. Which is why I though Wisdom of the Elders was a better choice.
Although I will playtest it with your recommendations.

Thanks for your thoughts.