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FTS Witching Hour

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Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
1 2 6

Power Sources
13 15 19 20

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Deck Rarities
24 16 24 4

Card Types
16 8 24 0 27

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]


July 13, 2017


Eternal Version
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Kosinek Eternal Version: 1.21
This deck looked interesting to me so i played it for 2 hours in masters (100-200 range). My humble experience:
1. Power base is not good. I had sooo many games where every power was depleted for first 4 turns becouse i had no sigil. That meant that my tokens where too late.
2. TWH requirement of 6 shadow is... harsh to say the least. Also I was only able to play it once to meaningfuly swing the board to my side. The most comon scenario was this: I was alive, i had shit ton of tokens and COULDN'T play 0 cost TWH, because of SSSSSS requirement was not met. But all of my oponents conceded before i did get to that. I cried a little every time :(
3. No direct removal and no real way to deal with flyers. This deck needs some kind of sandstorm titans or whasps or anihalates or even god damn torch to deal all the bullshit flying your way. 4 copies of combust is not enough.
4. Too many relics. Vault of the Praxis was cool, once set up i could keep digging for cards. But when i had two up and running and third came my way, i discarded it. IT was too much. Xenan obelisk on the other hand was many times too slow since i had no removal and had to keep in playing oneones to stay alive.

I'm trying to fix it but it will take time for sure :x