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Wyatt's Junk

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Loving Wyatt's Junkyard to death and back!

I've played casually for on and off for a while and I've always loved smugglers stash style decks. I don't know if it can be understated how big a difference between 5 and 6 power is for this kind of effect. I'm normally kind of a lurker but I've been having so much fun and good success that I felt I had to share. I'd love feed back as well. I suck at power bases in particular and I have no idea what I'm doing with the market.

That being said let me explain my experiences with the list and my thought process so far:

The engine of the deck is Siphoner Paladin. He's probably the best outlet to fuel Wyatt's Junkyard because he often puts both a unit and a weapon in the graveyard after you smack their turn two or three unit. Jekk, Mercenary Hunter is awesome in any deck that can play him as well, but he feels even better than normal because you can get something expensive you discarded to him back later, or better get, sac Jekk (if he's not dead already) and get him back to zap again. I also think Defile and Combust in some combination are the removal for us because they put units in the graveyard as a bonus.

Backbreaker and Rolant, Iron Tyrant are our most powerful threats. This deck really is a Rolant deck at heart, as there isn't anything we want more than to trade resources and grind the opponent out and that's what he's all about. Meanwhile Backbreaker really lives up to it's name when you get it back and play it again. Since life can be an issue because of the draining effect of the Junkyard, the armor sometimes saves your life as well. Bladecrafter is a natural fit as copies 4-6 of the breaker but I really like the idea of having a few silver bullet weapons to search up. That being said, Pale Rider's Timepiece is the only weapon I'm playing that really fits that description and it's really hard to cast. When you do however, it can swing the game in your favor with killer plus life-link. Massive Greatsword and Heirloom Blade have had their moments but often I'm too busy playing the breaker and they feel redundant. I'd appreciate some suggestions on attachment weapons that might replace them.

Finally, the real problem children of the deck are Justice Etchings and Copperhall Porter as I'm current playing only 2 justice sigils. Should I have noticed the problem earlier? Yes. probably the easiest solution is to fix the power base, which I definitely need help with. I think a switch of etchings for Fearless Crescendo might also be in order as the thing I really want out of the market is Equalize but then I don't know what other three's to put in there.

Sorry for the novel, but I had fun with it. Let me know what you think!

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Influence Requirements
3 4 4

Power Sources
5 10 9 13

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23 21 15 5 10

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26 7 18 4 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]


July 31, 2020


Eternal Version
v20.06.24 - Argent Depths

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Revisions (Since last major patch) July 31, 2020


Kcnabrev Edited Eternal Version: 20.07.29
I'v played some games with the deck. How would you feel about switching the porters for Unfamiliar Interloper? Would help a lot with influence requirements and it gives 2 bodies to sac.
Cheddr Eternal Version: 20.07.29
That's been an awesome change. Thanks Kcnabrev!