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Praxis Tokens Top 60 Masters

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Hey guys, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite strategies in the game since set one: tokens. Yes, I definitely think an Elysian tokens deck is also viable, but Praxis is a bit better against some of the stonescar aggro / TJP Alessi decks going around than Elysian is. I'm currently at Masters rank 59 with this deck, so it is definitely reasonable for anyone who wants to make masters. Besides that, it can have some very explosive and satisfying draws. A few seasons ago, I actually made it to rank 19 with a similar version of this deck.

One of the main reasons I've returned to this strategy is the addition of Auralian Merchant, which made it a lot easier to find Xenan Obelisk and ramp towards its additional bonus, snatch up some needed power, or simply keep the value ball rolling. The other is that the meta has shifted away from as many true control decks, to be more in favor of midrange and some aggro.

Versus aggro, this deck has much better potential value than they do - but if they get a fast start, it can be difficult to recover due to the turn you must take off to play a Xenan Obelisk. However, versus midrange or a slow aggro draw, they'll usually end up on the back foot and just die to your go-wide strategy. Your goal is much like that of an aggro deck - burn that hp away as quickly as possible, knowing when sacrificing units / committing before a board clear is worthwhile and when it's instead right to wait for something like more obelisks or a copy of rally.

As a note, I will say that I've noticed a ton of aggro in the lower ranks. So, if you're running into tons of them and very few midrange decks, you can try to adapt this deck by bringing in Purify, but I'd probably recommend either joining the dark side or switching to a control deck with Lighning Storm / Hailstorm. Do whatever works for you, but the two hardest matchups for this deck are Stonescar Aggro with a fast draw and anything with more than 4 board clears.

Anyways, I hope you can benefit from or enjoy what I've made, and I'd be happy to hear any suggestions you may have; perhaps they'll help me out too!


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July 25, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.36 - The Fall of Argenport

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