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Flying Lifestealing Ninjas

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There should be a Primal Sigil as the fifth market card, but for some reason it isn't saving correctly.

Updated Record:
7 wins beating Highly Skilled
7 wins beating Mindless Aggression
5 wins losing to Army of Justice. Drew 11 power despite scouting three more away (yay!)
7 wins beating Defender of the spire
7 wins beating Labyrinth treasury
1 win losing to a good draw from Students of Hooru AND being stuck on three until turn five then finally playing a four drop (eats a Vanquish) and not being able to hit five for our Tyrants before double Nostrix.
7 wins beating Sudden Death thanks to having a Torrential Downpour before the AI’s otherwise game winning Bandit Queen on turn four (I love facing this boss /s). Rindra’s mopped up from there.
7 wins beating Highly Skilled
7 wins beating Limitless Possibilities
5 wins losing to High Council. I misread what this deck was which is go wide Combrei aggro. I failed to grab hailstorm so this is pilot error not the decks fault. May have still won but AI had double Vanquish for Rindra and Tyrant as well as Stand Together.
7 wins beating Sudden Death


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3 3

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21 17 12

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11 19 19 17

Card Types
31 4 19 0 26

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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


July 18, 2018

July 15, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.36 - The Fall of Argenport

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S1CK0 Eternal Version: 1.36
I started running a strongly deviating list, mostly because I lack the Tyrants, Harbingers and Provocateurs.
I run Hailstorm, Gorgon Fanatic, Haunting Scream and Dark Return instead and it works great,
7 wins against Xenan Power
7 wins against A Shard Bargain
7 wins against Limitless Possibilities
1 lose due to not drawing a shadow Influence.

As feedback for your Build I can recommend to switch the sigil in your market for a banner. Also take a few Clan Standard, they keep you alive a few turns in cases of severe mana flooding. And thanks for teaching me the secret of trading Thrunderstrike Dragon, this saved me a few times!
Sauce Eternal Version: 1.36
Hey magicturtle

Thanks for updating the feln gauntlet list!

When I first saw it the day you uploaded the list, I was extremely hesitant to drop the almost 20k stone I needed to make it.

I finally mustered up the nerve to spend the stone, and give it a shot.

..and this deck got me my first 21 straight wins!

Also, since you only had 4 cards in the market I added feast-caller. The card saved me twice. I only ever pulled him if he got the flying inspire.

Would you have any other recommendations for the 5th market card?

Thank you again for another powerful deck!
FallenChameleon Eternal Version: 1.36
Yes for some reason it keeps cutting off my 5th card. I've saved it twice now to no luck. I noted on the top of the description it's supposed to be a Primal sigil. I'll try saving it again. The sigil helps make sure you hit your critical 4th power drop and that it is always undepleted. Feast caller is an interesting idea though. It's a good card for late game grinding. You might even try it in place of thunderstrike, but the dragon has been great for me.