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Masters Mono Time

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This is the Mono Time deck I've used to reach Masters rank in February 2019. I'm surprised how well it performed against various types of opponents, from Skycrag/Rakano aggro, over greedy midrange to TPS relic control. One of the deck's biggest strengths is the streamlined power curve and a insanely strong draw package that can outlast most midrange and control opponents.
Most of the cards are more than known to you, so I'll point out the main themes and interactions in the deck.

Main deck

Dawnwalker - this is the unit this deck is built around. The main combo is to give it Killer via Xenan Initiation, kill an unit and die in the process, and finally bring it back by dropping a 5-power unit.
Xenan Obelisk - main enablers of the previous combo because it gives you the ability to resurrect Dawnwalkers with Ascendants and other Dawnwalkers and even smaller units like Teachers
Mystic Ascendant - the haymaker and another source of card draw, works best when dropped just before his buddy Worldbearer Behemoth attacks.
Xenan Initiation - while the obvious combo is with Dawnwalker, it can be played on Worldbearer Behemoth to ramp the same turn he is played, or on Reliquary Raider or Moonstone Vanguard to instantly draw a card.


Disjunction - relics are extremely dangerous at the moment, so don't leave house without it. Also, can be used to bring back an Obelisk
Scorpion Wasp - this deck's main weakness is only 4 removal cards, so having one instant speed answer is crucial. Also, I got a premium one from the drops, so it would be a shame not to use it.
Lumen Reclaimer - mainly used against reanimator, but can be used on yourself to try to "mill" the opponent in a heavy control matchup. All in all, she doesn't do much, but is essential with reanimator running wild.
Xenan Obelisk - Usually the first Market pick if you are ahead
Mystic Ascendant - as stated previously, the biggest hitter in the deck, so having access to more copies is always a good thing.


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February 22, 2019


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