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Evenhanded Blaze (80% winrate in ranked test games)

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8th of August Update: I've been playing a lot more games with this week and I can confidently say it has a solid 80% winrate in ranked. I'll upload another few images for anyone who wants them but I now have seven screenshots showing this :)

2nd of August Update: The listing has been updated. I will amend the description on how to play it over the next few days.

Are you tired of seeing Red/Green aggro decks? Do you prefer something more midrange but hate being slaughtered by aggro decks? Do you want to draw all of the cards ever without dirtying yourself with Blue?

A long time ago I published a deck on here called Evenhanded Sentinels. It was very popular and worked very well. Ever since then I have been chasing the dragon, trying to recreate a deck that synergies so well with Evenhanded Golem and I think that I finally have one.

This deck revolves around Surge and significant amount of ways to draw cards or play power. Honestly we have so much Plunder that we might as well be pirates! Arrrrrhhh.

Our two main win conditions are also to either go hyper aggressive as we have mostly two cost cards in our deck, or to slam Svetya, Lightbringer to start boosting our deck or to simply shut our opponents down when we have board control.

Rujin's Choice pairs exceptionally well with both Hojan, Crownbreaker and Siege Train. Note that while these combo's can be strong I more often than not simply cast it at it the end of my opponents turn to either draw a copy of Evenhanded Golem or Svetya, Lightbringer.

Friends in Low Places also has great synergy with this deck and since we are already able to ramp influence we do try to build up to six of each prior to using it. While this is the goal dont be afraid to cast it early. The card is still new enough that people seem to forget its a thing and arent expecting a +4/+4 instant. Though when you do get it off at full potential it is especially brutal if your lucky enough to get a free Aegis on any of your four drops from it.

So far I have yet to lose a game once I get out Svetya, Lightbringer play a Badge of Honor on it and top it off with a Ironthorn, Lawman.

While refining this deck I used it in around 20 casual games and 20 ranked, but since the update I have used this version in close to 60 games. Currently I'm sitting an an 80% win rate which I'm VERY happy with! Since a lot of the deck is so cheap and we have huge draw potential I've even comeback from the dreaded power flood/draught.

Common Concerns: This deck does suffer to anything that can add odd costing cards to our deck, however don't be disheartened! While it makes Evenhanded Golem[/b] irrelevant we still have all our our card draw through plunder!

Also upon reading the listing I often hear concerns about why we list Navani, Warsinger. This is a flavour card and one you can swap if you do not like it, however this deck creates lots of threats and as such the real skill is in knowing when to play it. Sometimes you will be doing it to intentionally draw out your opponents removal but at others you will play it when it's very unlikely that they can stop it. Honestly though with the amount of draw and smaller units that we have it can be huge to get a few attacks from it. If you don't want to craft it as it doesn't fit in many decks then that is completely understandable but if you have it then definitely play it until your comfortable using it before you consider a substitute as you may well change your mind!

Anyhow, if you have any thoughts or questions the please simply leave a comment below.

Thanks! :)


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


August 8, 2020

July 22, 2020


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theovermaster Eternal Version: 20.07.29
I'm no math genius but it seems like 83% over 20 games is not possible :thinking: .
Hanoth Eternal Version: 20.07.29
If I'd only played 20 games you'd be right but I never said that I'd played exactly 20 games and won 16.6 of them xD In fact I thought I was quite clear and I posted a couple of supporting screenshots. Just try the deck, it's fun :)
Alomba87 Eternal Version: 20.07.16
This is a great shell of a deck: I took out Ferno and Navani, they both feel slow and clunky. I rearranged some other cards and I added some Siege Trains and Telut, since Train is a powerhouse (and great Low Places target) and Telut to neuter opponents boards.
Hanoth Eternal Version: 20.08.06
Hello again, thought I'd leave you another comment as I appreciate your suggestion. I've been using Siege Tank for about a week and a bit now and it's great. You can see the current build above but it combo's really well with our buffs and adding all those weapons can be great. Plus combining it with Friends in Low Places is funny if you get an Aegis on it xD so thank you for the suggestion :)
Hanoth Edited Eternal Version: 20.07.16
Thank you and I'm glad that your enjoying the deck :) in short it's the combo/idea of this deck that is important but the flavour cards are entirely down to preference.

As of this morning I've started running into mirror matches which is a great feeling, so thank you to everybody whose tried my deck :)
mcc Eternal Version: 20.07.16
Why only two justice sigils? With both Icaria and Hojan it would seem we'd want at least 4. I know obviously you're looking for surge, but those cards are very limited if you draw more than 2 of either of them.
Hanoth Eternal Version: 20.07.16
Add more if you like, it's not a problem. The most important thing when using this deck it to get two six of both red and green. I've had games where as you say, I've been able to draw a Justice but had none in my deck and while that can be frustrating it's a lot less so than not being able to play Ferno, Rageborn or not getting off Friends in Low Places to its full potential.

That said it's really not an issue if you want to change your powerbase :)
echolocations Edited Eternal Version: 20.07.16
have you tried kira, the prodigy in this list? i could see her taking the spot of rakano outlaw possibly? you have a lot in your list that would synergize well with her. shes gonna pop off with barrel through, low places, or rujins. just a thought. cant play this list myself as im missing some staple cards, but hope all the best for you my friend
Hanoth Edited Eternal Version: 20.07.16
I specifically went looking for Warcry units which is why the outlaw got included, however that was in a much early iteration so I'll give Kira a go and see where that leads :) thanks for the suggestion!
echolocations Eternal Version: 20.07.16
id love to know how she does. i dont own copies of her yet, but wanting to craft her myself for a list a lot like this one. cheers!
snekyboots Eternal Version: 20.07.16
How crucial is Navani? I'm hesitant to craft 4, Svetya I have no problem crafting however
Hanoth Eternal Version: 20.07.16
Navani is a flavour card but it's not important. Any strong green unit with a cost of four or less would fit here. Between Navani and Svetya it just gives us lots of ways to bump up our whole deck but it's actually one of the easiest cards to swap out :)
stephen2k8 Eternal Version: 20.07.16
I put wasteland broker in this spot and a couple even bombs and answers in a market