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Argenport Lifesteal [Omens of the Past Preview Event]

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After playing around with the list, I finished my third event run with a 7/1 score. This final list was only played for the last 5 matches but won all five!
The main difference between my list and most list I've encountered is my addition of plague. Also I think I play more units and less combat tricks. Explanation:

Plague: In the event I expect to run into Praxis tokens fairly often and this card is insane in that match up. additionally it is strong in the Xenan match up where it kills the Friendly Wisp before it can draw cards and it kills the Dawnwalker for good by reducing its heath permanently to 0. In other match ups this card isn't the best but it is reasonable to use simple to remove aegis from a threat while also reducing some power from the rest of the opponents team.

Less Combat tricks (2x finest Hour and no Rapid Shot): I often found myself a little short on units while running a higher combat trick count resulting in some stupid loses.
I chose to cut the combat tricks over spot removal due to personal preference. I believe spot removal is better but you may chose otherwise.

My land count may also be a little high which is why I included Seek Power to thin a little bit. Being short on mana is the worst feeling and I found this power base to be appropriate.

Hope you will have some fun with the list and get some great results :)
Feel free to ask questions and give suggestions in the comments!


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17 16 8 2

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16 26 14 4

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June 24, 2017


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ZettaHydrophile Eternal Version: 1.21
This deck did really well for me. I went 5-3, 7-2, 7-2 for the ranking with it. I didn't have to fight much Hooru Control though, which ended up being more trouble for me in my later games. I think the extra power ended up being a good decision, especially with the extra 4 cards shuffled into the deck.
Kbrauner Eternal Version: 1.21
Thanks for the comment man! I'm glad to here the list performed well for you :)