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[Masters] Argenport Revenge Grinder (Gameplay video and detailed description inside)

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This is the list I used to get to Master's two months in a row.

It's a solid Midrange grind list that seeks to outvalue your opponent due to the fact that it basically never runs out of gas. It's not too expensive to craft given that only two sets of Legendaries must be created (Makto and Sediti), and the rest are from Campaigns. It's also a reliable Gauntlet list that I use in Master's with almost 100% success rate.

The strength of the deck, as I mentioned before, is that it is nearly impossible to run out of gas. It is extremely rare that you ever die because you ran out of cards to play. If you die it will usually be because your opponent raced you down, not because you ran out of options. Obviously, you can still get mana screwed, but the deck has more avenues than most in order to ensure that never happens (such as using Street Urchin to draw a power card from your opponent's deck in an emergency).

Even if your opponent runs graveyard or recursion hate, such as Gavel or Avigraft, the deck has so many threats and win conditions that you can usually brute force your way through it, and punish your opponent for their tempo loss.

It's straightforward, simple and easy to play, works well in Gauntlet, isn't too expensive to craft, and is a lot of fun.

The basic gameplan is to get to 5 mana (bonus if your Ramp on Turn 3 with Icaria), then slam down Makto or Sediti, giving you a long-term value advantage for the rest of the game. As soon as you get into an unfavorable boardstate, you can Harsh Rule (use Vara to remove aegis if necessary) which will typically be backbreaking for your opponent, while you continue to enjoy the endless value of Revenge and Curse of Provocation.

Essentially, there are few decks that can out-grind you in this way, especially as you continue to put pressure on your opponent every turn. This deck works surprisingly well against Aggro. There are plenty of lifesteal options to keep you alive early on, and typically once you Harsh Rule or Pristine Light, they've run out of gas and the game is over.

Stormhalt Knife can save you in a pinch (when it's free), after which you simply lifesteal your way back to a healthy hp total.

Crownwatch Press-Gang is good as a blocker, an Onslaught enabler, and to draw a million Street Urchins which can be used to continuously create value by stealing your opponent's cards, or used as Market fodder.

Cull the Deck and Devour are both good ways to reach your recursion faster, find power in case you get screwed, or to look for Merchants/Harsh Rules in order to salvage an unwinnable board state.


1. Only Harsh Rule? Why doesn't this deck run more removal?!
-For a long time I had Desecrate in the list instead of Icaria. The problem is that, for the most part, single-target removal only slows your gameplay down and is largely unnecessary. The goal is to put pressure on your opponent by grinding them down, then clear losing board states with a nuke, after which you gain the undeniable advantage (due to recursion and Curse of Provocation, as well as many strong card draw options).

Having single-target removal in your hand often times does nothing, and doesn't synergize with the Revenge effect that encourages you to make trades on the board (or wipe the slate clean), allowing you to win a long-term war of attrition. You could obviously swap out Cull the Decks or Devour (or Icaria) for some extra removal, but this will greatly hurt your consistency and the amount of pressure you can apply to your opponent. Remember, the purpose of the deck is to keep the pressure up, not to have answers for everything.

2. Why haven't you included any FoX cards?

-If you find something in the new set that improves the list, be my guest!

3. Why don't you have "X" in the market?
-For me, there are 4 cards in the market right now that are irreplaceable in this list. That is:
A. Pristine Light
B. Regent's Tomb
C. Stormhalt Knife
D. Dizo's Office

Pristine Light acts as a poor man's Harsh Rule and can get you out of many sticky situations (by allowing you to play it the same turn you draw it from the Market). Regent's Tomb is a powerful mid-game Site, allowing you to gimp your opponent's removal, Mana fix yourself, and give yourself more recursion. It does absolutely everything you need. Stormhalt Knife can and will save your life against aggressive lists. Dizo's Office is an end-game Site that will seal your opponent's fate with its powerful abilities.

As far as the 5th market option, I'm still not sure what works best here. Right now I have Desecrate in case of the need of single-target removal, but I've never had to use it before. You could substitute Gavel, Burglarize, a power card, a FoX card, or many other things. Like I said, this is a flex spot. The rest I consider sacrosanct.

Here's a video with more details and some gameplay footage.

In the end I decided having an extra power card in the Market is useful more often than Desecrate. This deck usually does not have problem with mana screw, but in the few cases you get bad luck, this can save you. Still, this is a flex spot in the market that you can use at your discretion.

Removed Emerald Waystone from the Market and replaced it with End of the Story. Very, very rarely are you power screwed in this deck, and when you are Regent's Tomb is a good method to remedy that anyway. I was finding too many situations, especially in Gauntlet, where I just needed a reliable board clear (especially against the plethora go-wide decks that Pristine Light can't really answer). Sometimes Harsh Rule on its own isn't good enough because Aegis can block it, and if you're not drawing Vara, End of the Story's uncounterable effect can save you.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
5 2

Power Sources
25 16 16

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Deck Rarities
12 18 21 20

Card Types
34 1 18 2 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Homecoming [Set1005]


November 3, 2019

October 8, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.47 - The Flame of Xulta

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Revisions (Since last major patch) November 3, 2019


Blackguard Edited Eternal Version: 1.47.7
Excellent list! Got to D 1 from Gold with this. Slowed down this last rank. Shifted the market cards and am getting a higher win rate.

Rolant’s Memorial. This card floored me for how much it was triggering and buffing my units. I put one in the market in place of Dizo’s Office since I never seem to pull it.

Cast into Shadow saved me a few times against curses. Took out Regent’s Tomb. Though this card does a lot, it never had as much power on the board as a hard removal of a curse or threat that was going to end my game.

Those were my only two edits. If I could main deck memorial somehow I would. The crazy amount of buffs it throws around with revenge is sick. I encourage everyone to test it for themselves.
Tenken Edited Eternal Version: 1.47.5
I have played this quite a bit the last few days, even some mirrors. My thoughts, hopefully you don't think they are too terrible.

I added Madness. The card has won me so many games and honestly I dont remember many games where anything else would be better. Sure I have lost with it in hand but I would probably lose regardless.

To that, I added some Reweaves. Maybe a little iffy, but more sacrifice outlets for Madness combos. 5power becomes super deadly now, especially since people dont play around Madness (free Nidia mastery last game lol). Less gimmicky you can attack Makto turn into Sediti (meh because chances of Sediti unearthing are low, more likely to Harsh my own field). You can Reweave Sediti into Makto. Then any board wipe turns on Makto. Often just Reweave into Merchant to setup my next turn. A few times reweave into Gunslinger for 2point lethal.

I cut one RevengeBull. I didnt want dead useless bulls once I play all the urchins. Probably cut a Makto and Sediti due to I dont own them and too high power curve.

Marker wise, I know people hate it but Azindel has won me a lot of games. Currently using Avigraft, it has been nice. If you fear turning on relic hate though I get it. Part of me wants another boardwipe but those get expensive. Regents Tomb has been annoying me. I'm sure it is me using it poorly and it has won me some games, but it seems the higher I go the more it does nothing.

That said. I really hate using this vs all the Praxis and super aggroElysian going around. They both feel like very unfavorable matchups even if I may be 50/50 or something.

Edit:Combrei too AeGiS foR evEryOne (pretty sure <50% WR there). Too much strong aggro you cant trade with.
biologynut99 Eternal Version: 1.47.4
Works until it doesnt

Good deck, but (despite what you've said above, which is fine) i still find myself missing spot removal. Gonna try switching out a couple cards for the desecrate, if only to sooth my butthurt after the last few losses for lack of spot removal.
Jmal Eternal Version: 1.47.3
Thanks for share the deck, i played this in gauntlet and swap urchin with bloodseeker. Fun and great deck. Naise
wrathchild Eternal Version: 1.47
Really fun deck, cheers!
HimWhoEatsTime Edited Eternal Version: 1.47
I've swapped Desecrate for Cast into Shadow in the market and find myself pulling it out, a lot. Kill two birds for one Maximum Power... can kill Permafrost can kill Disciplinary Weights I think. Thoughts? I haven't found any other FoX cards to speak of...
Tenken Eternal Version: 1.47.5
I couldn't imagine it. There are a lot of games where I am stuck on 1 shadow for quite awhile. But I guess when you want it you should have 2S.
sayn0thing Eternal Version: 1.47
Great Idea!
VaylinArcher Eternal Version: 1.47
That sounds like an amazing addition for the deck!
faeriamain Eternal Version: 1.47
This looks like a very solid deck, I think I played against you (or against this deck yesterday), I'll give it a shot.
Do you think Sediti is still as valuable as before?
Wingflier Eternal Version: 1.47
I'm not sure why it would be less valuable than before. Maybe because people are bringing more curse hate? Anyway, it's been working really well for me. Nice to see some other Faeria players btw.
faeriamain Eternal Version: 1.47
I just built the deck. Having lots of fun with it! thanks for sharing :D
And yeah I used to play Faeria a lot but not anymore unfortunately
Grunty Eternal Version: 1.47
Thx for Sharing this deck !!

And long love to Faeria,the best CCG ever (with Duel of Champion not far :p) !!