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It turns out, Alluring Ember and Talir's Choice are actually good cards when you knock 1 off their costs. Combo with Xenan Obelisks, 1-power Noble Firemanes, and Frontier Jito, and suddenly all these little guys start seeming overwhelming. Deck went 7-2, stomping a lot of more conventional Fire aggro along the way. Amber Ring was the weak link in the deck, not really contributing much of anything though seeming like a good idea to shore up long games.

VOD of games played here.

Event Information

Temporary Alliances
September 15-18, 2017
The Temporary Alliances event comes with a special rule: Multifaction cards cost 1 less.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
2 2

Power Sources
15 16 6

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Deck Rarities
17 33 8

Card Types
20 6 24 0 25


September 15, 2017


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Sptilt208 Edited Eternal Version: 1.24
Im here to save you from wasting 2.000 gold with this absolute hot pile of shit deck. This deck is total trash. You get power starved and cant summon temple scribe because of the influence, useless alluring ember frequently drawn in the first 4 draws and you cant play because of the influence and the 4 required sigils (2 fire 2 time, so its useless before you hit 4 power unless you miraculously get 2 banners or seats.).Frontier jito useless because the opponent oneshots it with removal and laughs afterwards, and control wise it is weaker than my farts. Lots of fun getting bricked with 5 cost humbug swarms, useless unlock potentials and even the ever-so-good-but-not-today 4 cost xenan obelisk. Im not even mad because i only wasted 2.000 gold out of 16.000 gold, nice try good afternoon prank im out.
Comment Deleted