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Expedition Deck By
Team Rankstar


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Hello everyone,

This is a midrange mill deck, or rather one of the first iterations of it. Probably still needs some work (especially the Market). You can find more information about it in this video:


Expedition Information


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 2

Power Sources
13 20 8

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Deck Rarities
10 18 26 9

Card Types
29 8 18 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Promises by Firelight [Set1007]

Combo Midrange

December 22, 2019


Eternal Version
Promises by Firelight

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Grundle Eternal Version: 1.49.3
I'm having trouble with this deck. It feels dead if you can't snag a tome and there's no real way to draw for one. Would you consider strategize? Cull the deck? Or maybe throwing one in the market?
Stager Edited Eternal Version: 1.49.3
was so excited to finally play this deck just to find out it's not as good as it looks. I don't know if I am just extremely unlucky but like 50% of the time I am stuck with 3 power and hand full of nothing, 10% of the time I am flooding, and the rest of the time when it gets to late game this decks gets totally obliterated.
edit: around 33% win ration. Really bad...
Comment Deleted
beefguitarstar Eternal Version: 1.49.2
Excellent deck. Thanks for the concept.

I had two problems:
- Malaise was only useful if you had Elder/Heartstopper out.
- Kindo becomes a 2-1 (entomb: play Malaise) blocker as soon as you have a tome out.

I made the following adjustments in an attempt to get tome out more consistently and to be a bit more defensive.

- 4 Kindo Shadowstep
- 2 Seek Power
- 3 Shadow Sigil
- 4 Malaise
- Re-read (market)

+ 3 Vara's Favor
+ 3 Elvish Swindler
+ 4 Wisdom of the Elders
+ 3 Emblem of Makkar
+ Eilyn's Favor (market)
Grundle Eternal Version: 1.50.2
Would you add darkmask stalker? dark betrayal?

I'm considering dropping wisdom of elders for strategize. Wisdom is great late game but the 2 primal requirement can stick you early on.
Grundle Eternal Version: 1.49.3
This version has worked much better for me. I had a feeling elvish swindler would help as well as some draw.
beefguitarstar Eternal Version: 1.50.2
Hi! I just posted a new version of this deck.
What do you think of the new cards?
Ghismo Eternal Version: 1.49.2
Ty for the deck it's very fun to play ^^