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A minotaur in a china shop (Tavrod armoury)

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This is the list that got me through D1 to master for the first time. I got to D1 with Skycraggro but then the deck lost steam so I switched. I went 8-2 through D1 facing a lot of different Time-based opponents -- which I ran this list in hopes of beating -- as well as a little smattering of aggro. It was also one of my best decks when I played it sporadically at lower ranks.

(You're right. That is not much of a sample size, I am aware. So don't take this list as gospel. I am sure there is room for improvement.)

My iteration is much faster and less greedy than most of the "standard" lists out there on the interwebz -- as dictated by a very fast, aggro-soaked ladder. Here are the major differences that I'd like to talk about.

1. I think most lists only run 2x Copperhall Bailiff, and the original lists ran Auric Sentry. I've found that number insufficient to combat all the aggro and board flood that's out there so I added a third. Since you have 3, it's ok to plunk one just as a body and/or to trigger its warcry.

2. Inspire has fallen into disrepute and is no longer run since its nerf and I really don't feel that's justified. Inspire still has a place in slower decks to help you draw closer to the cards you want. With this list in particular containing a few less bombs than the standard lists, I was finding myself running out steam and/or not drawing into my answers/threats in a timely manner. So I added 2 copies of Inspire to provide a little more draw power and consistency. (The +1/+1 is often helpful, too.) I've been quite pleased with the results, though I probably wouldn't want to run more than 2 copies and it'd be one of the first things I cut if I needed to free up a slot.

3. I had to cut 1x Torch to help make room for my techs. I've been doing this with some other Icaria lists and I think it's fine. If you really think you need 4, then you could probably cut an Inspire.

4. I don't remember if it's standard or not, but I run 2x Stewie. I consider this guy an essential tech for any non-aggro deck running Shadow. If you don't understand why, you probably don't actually play Eternal :) Because you only have 2 copies, try not to squander him. Still, if you just need a solid body with Lethal to contest the board, but all means plunk him down.

(edit) I looked it up and standard lists run Statuary Maiden in this slot. I'm sorry, but that doesn't make a lot of sense. It's not like this deck runs a lot of targets to arm with Cudgels. But more importantly Maiden's are just too fragile for a 4-drop. This is a deck that doesn't run a lot of critters and the current fast, aggressive meta you need to get the most trade value you can from your midrange bodies. Literally. And few cards can stall out an opponent's board as well as Eternal's own Prophet Velen cosplayer.

5. Starsteel Daisho. Gone. It's a great card and 2 copies are pretty standard in most armoury lists. However, I wanted to speed my deck up and this had to go. If you feel you need to it, you could cut an Inspire or a Copperhall. But I really don't think you need 2x Daisho *and* 2x Icaria in this list because 4x Tavrod is a big enough threat that you can do without the Daisho-to-face beatdown.


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3 3 2

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13 16 12 15

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16 25 17 6

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15 8 26 0 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]


December 7, 2017


Eternal Version
v1.26 - The Pale Riders

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