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7-2 Five color draft (4th 7-win in a row)

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This was the first Draft run I made with a five-color deck; I never even played a four-color deck before this one, but a few recent articles posted on the Eternal subreddit gave me the confidence to try it out. Actually, the first two games (1-1) were a different build entirely, but when I saw that I had left Combrei Banner in, and no Justice cards, with 18 power already, I decided to scrap my first idea and run the rainbow.

The two losses in this run were pure variance: one time I flooded horribly; and the other time (with the five-color build) I screwed and didn't draw any removal, and my opponent had great tempo.

Two wins near the end were comebacks from a huge disadvantage, requiring patience, optimal plays every turn, and a bit of calculated risk-taking to maneuver into winning positions. Strangers and Banners were more fun to play than the usual dumpster cards, but even with 18 power sources in the deck, I got stranded at 4 power quite often. Once again, a 7-win Draft run leaves me thinking how much better this game would be if the power and opening hand systems allowed us to play our cards more than they restrict us. Maybe DWD just needs to fix the opening hand requirements to prevent 1- and 5-power hands or something.

Note to self: Never played Pillar of Amar and cast Slay only once (only saw it once in any case, before I changed the deck). Never even drew Bereaved Stranger. The power sink cards saved my ass, largely because I could get them out in the first place.


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October 1, 2017


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