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Creation Value Town (7-0, draft)

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Was doing drafts with a friend that's somewhat new to Eternal, and ended up putting together something pretty powerful. Good stuff. My usual heuristic for Argent Depths drafts is to identify an open 2F archetype and lean in, but that... wasn't exactly what happened here.

P1P1 Ijin, Walking Armory put me heavily into Rakano, with an emphasis on Justice. Followed that up with P2 Unbreakable Tradition and P3 Siphoner Paladin for a solid Justice base. Unfortunately, Fire dried up pretty quickly. A late Omenscar Wurm (around P7) gave a strong signal that Time was open, but I didn't think I could support the influence requirements for both it an Ijin (and a Smogwing Tinker I had picked up). Still, kept my eyes open - picked up a lot of Time cards in the last few picks.

P2P1, hard choice between Seek Power, Amber Acolyte, and the one I eventually chose, Mithril Paladin - I wasn't sure yet whether I was going to end up in Time or not. Did follow that up with Veteran Strategist and Petition, plus a Learned Herbalist though, so there were a ton of options for fixing.

From there, pretty much focused on card quality - I had a lot of good fixing, and some strong lategame in Ijin and 2x Hunting Allosaur.

MVP: The fixing! I had a lot of ways to get the influence (and power) I needed. Even Justice Etchings ended up doing well despite my meager market options - Stand Strong + Siphoner Paladin is a fun combo, and Bring to Justice was a useful tempo play.

Highlight: Mithril Paladin + Hunting Allosaur was... a massive beating.
Highlight #2: Won the last game by attacking with an 8/8 Xenan Guardian into an opponent's 6/6 and 5/5. Opponent blocks with 6/6, then pumps with an Unbreakable Tradition. I respond with my own Unbreakable Tradition. Good stuff.


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2 3 4

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4 6 8 1

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25 9 2

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22 2 9 0 17


July 20, 2020


Eternal Version
Argent Depths

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