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Grenadin 3 f (FOX)

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Hi everybody!

There are some major differences I made between Grenadin 3 f (DFT) and this deck.

First, I took out Ticking Grenadin because it's only good with Scrap Hound. If the opponent silences it, it's useless. Even if the opponent doesn't silence this card, they're probably not going to block the Ticking Grenadin. In an aggro deck, you just want to attack, attack, and attack. Leaving tick behind as defence isn't a good idea.

Kaleb's Favor is there to ramp and burn at the same time. I don't care if the maximum power cost is 3. I hate getting powerscrewed. I run 4 of these now.

Market choices:

Mindfire has replacedUrn of Choking Embers because urn doesn't establish board presence. It is good against scream, ambush, and token decks, but I think aggro grenadin usually want to exhaust things like Heart of the Vault and Telut, Queen's Hand, for example.

Magebreaker replaced Rally because I usually never grab rally anyways. Besides, if you get the spellcraft off, Evenhanded Golem is useless in their deck.

Power changes:

Emblem of Shavka was put in because this is an aggro deck. 1 damage is negligible because I often finish with at least 20 health. The ash elemental is a Hailstorm target, but then again, that's all my grenadin anyways besides Scrap Hound using its ultimate.


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


October 26, 2019


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The Flame of Xulta

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scrabbledude Edited Eternal Version: 1.47.5
This is pretty close to my mono fire grenadin build. Notable exceptions are:

Obliterate over Flame Blast. I like Obliterate since it does 6 for 5 with overwhelm, which can hit a unit and partially hit face. Plus I don't think I want the games to go above 5 power, which would make it more efficient than Blast.

Signal Flare over Kaleb's Favor. I ran Favor originally, but found the filtering effect of the scout and flexibility to hit a blocker to be worth more than the power. The scout allows me to move power to the bottom if I have enough, and that was valuable on its own. Being more power efficient at a cost of only 1 power also meant that it was easier to fit in on turns with other plays.

Ticking Grenadin over Grenarender. I haven't encountered too many attachments bothering me, so I'm curious about this pick. Ticking often lets me deal the last few points of damage and puts the opponent into a position where they're dead if they block or don't block. I think this is partially because I main 2x Rally and 4x Rampage. I'm surprised that you're not running Rally since it wins me so many games when I go so wide so fast -- I just won a game with it a minute ago, where I played Assembly Line, opponent played Heart of the Vault, and my 4 grenadin swung at his 9 life and 1 blocker. I'm also running 4x Assembly Line which plays well with Rally.

You're running Tripwire Grenadin which I didn't think did enough in the deck for the cost. How has that been performing? I also find the lack of Coalscrounger a bit odd. Why was that one removed?

I'm curious if you've considered or tried some of these cards and what made you not include them.

Your list did convince me to add a merchant, and that allowed me to move Calderan Gunsmith and Groundbreaker to the market with fewer copies, and that's definitely a positive.

Thanks for the list and the inspiration!
Travenura Eternal Version: 1.47.5

Wow, first of all, I am so sorry for not seeing this comment sooner.

First, I like the idea of Obliterate. On hindsight, it pops face aegis and you are absolutely right. I guess I liked sticking with a maximum power cost of 3. You have Into The Furnace for when you want to deal 4 damage anyways (at least to units). Haha.

Second, I agree that Signal Flare can be considered. It can hit sites and scout for more power, less power, or filter irrelevant cards to the bottom. I've felt like Kaleb's Favor should always be played first before anything else on turn 2 and that is my entire turn. With Flare I can scout for power even though it's not guaranteed.
Having said that, I honestly didn't think that 2 damage was good enough to kill many relevant threatening units. For example, it doesn't kill [cardUnseenCommando][/card], Rilgon's Disciple, or Kothon, the Far Watcher.

Grenarender is used simply because I don't have Bore in the market. I find that killing Avigraft - even though it's been nerfed - is satisfying so that you can get a flier. Permafrost is pesky especially when put on Scrap hound. You are right about Tick being nice in the end game. However, it's not going to be that useful if the opponent is at 25 life. I decided to stop including it.

Tripwire Grenadin is great against Hojan, Crownbreaker and for sandstorm titan when ankle cutter is out. It's there to supplement Ankle cutter. Generally, you want to play ankle cutter and then tripwire grenadin anything with lifesteal/endurance that you want taken out.

Coalscrounger is a rally with legs. I see the merit in running it if you maindeck rally. But I don't maindeck rally because you need to have a board presence already. I also wouldn't really replace anything with Coalscrounger because I like the way my deck is now.

May I see your deck list? It sounds really fun!

Also, thank you for looking at my list.
scrabbledude Eternal Version: 1.47.5
Here's my list: Hyper Aggro Red Deck Wins v2

I think the difference for me in removing threatening units is that I'm running 4x Rampage instead of Into the Furnace. I had tried Into the Furnace previously, but found that it was underwhelming if I didn't have a grenadin in the void since 2 damage for 2 power with no added effect is a pretty poor rate.

Tripwire Grenadin does sound spicy when combined with Ankle Cutter. I'm not running Ankle Cutter at all, but I like the 3 damage and effect it provides for 2 power, so I might want to try it out again.

I did recently switch Grenade for Sol's Fury. Both of them take care of Kothon and Disciple, with Grenade potentially dealing 6 damage total. I'm still not sure of this switch and I'm testing it out. Sol's Fury is nice since it costs 1 less power and does 1 more damage to an enemy.

I am indeed running Bore in the market. I also moved Calderan Gunsmith out with the plan to put it in the market when I added it, but haven't. I have won a lot of games with Gunsmith when the board has gotten stalled and no one expects 12 damage out of nowhere, but it is rather expensive.
Travenura Eternal Version: 1.47.5
Yeah, I don't run rampage because this is a go wide deck.

I personally like Furnace because it can kill Copperhall Paladin and Hooru Pacifier among others.

I am against Grenade because it's a slow speed torch to a unit and their face. Also, you sacrifice a unit. The unit you sacrifice should generally be ticking grenadin - and that's about it. Assembly line grenadin are more useful for going wide. Why not just torch their unit and swing for their face?

I understand that Sol's fury can target sites and does kill Copperhall Paladin and Hooru Pacifier for sure (because it doesn't depend on a grenadin in the void). I'm not too sure I'd include it though. I like Furnace because it's a fast spell. Generally, for my deck, I want to put grenadin in the void if they block; not if I sacrifice them.

I do like gunsmith but not in my version of grenadin because it's expensive and I rarely get 12 units out on the field to do so. I would completely use it in a blood of makkar deck though :).

As for bore, I could run it but it's been nerfed. I don't include it in my grenadin deck.

Here's another argument for furnace: Grenarender can sacrifice itself to kill an attachment and enable furnace's double damage.

Thank you so much for looking!