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The idea behind this deck is that it plays like old Kalis / sacrifice combo-control but with Flamestoker and Obrak, the Feaster at the topend. In other words, the plan is to:
1. Play a bunch of token units to keep early-game threats from getting in
2. Remove stuff with Combust, Annihilate, Deathstrike, and Madness
3. Get down Obrak, the Feaster, Scraptank, and/or Flamestoker to actually win

Card Choices

Slumbering Stone, Grenadin Drone, Assembly Line:
These are essentially the best (or only good) token generators in the game, which is why the deck plays as many of them as possible. They form the basic scaffolding of the deck, allowing cards like Combust and Devour to be active consistently, along with enabling Obrak, the Feaster. On top of that, they serve as good early game blockers, holding the line against your opponent's Oni Ronins and Pyroknights.

Devour, Quarry:
These cards, like the token generators, form part of the backbone of any sacrifice deck. One of the main pulls of sacrifice decks is that they offer a lot more card velocity than alternatives, and cycling through your deck quickly allows you to reach removal spells very reliably. Of course, it would be remiss not to point out that Devour also gives you a generic sacrifice outlet which, for example, allows Madness to serve as a universal kill-spell with upside.

Brimstone Altar:
The only reason that you play this card is that it gives you a generic sacrifice outlet. For instance, it feels bad to play Slumbering stone and leave it as a 0/2 on the ground with nothing to do, or to have a Madness perpetually unusable in your hand because you can't actually sacrifice the enemy unit after stealing it. There is also some minor upside to having this with Scraptank and Flamestoker, since you can, for instance, immediately put your fancy 5-drop out of Torch range or sacrifice your Infernus after attacking with it. I don't think I'd ever put more than 2 of this card in a deck, since the second one you draw is almost always dead.

Do you really need me to explain this?

Combust, Annihilate, Deathstrike, Madness:
One of the main things that this deck does is remove stuff, and it's probably worth pointing out just how much hard removal the deck actually plays; between these 4 cards, you get 11 pieces of hard removal, 9 of which can target any unit whatsoever. The reason that you play Annihilate over additional copies of Deathstrike is that the latter is more expensive and you already have lots of universal removal, so it's better to have some narrow, power-efficient options.

Obrak, the Feaster:
This card is okay; you're usually pretty happy if your opponent just removes it (since it has Revenge), or when you have other stuff going on on your board (e.g. Scraptank), but it feels pretty bad when this gets stuck in your hand because your board is empty. On the other hand, a 7/7 flier is an extremely potent threat on its own, especially when you can back it up with your own arsenal of removal. It's worth noting that, when you have a Flamestoker in play, you can sustain your Obrak on the Infernus it generates at the start of the turn if worse comes to worst. This can also be a good thing to do if you just ran out of tokens and want to develop your stoker with more token backup in your hand.

For many purposes, this is just Assembly Lines five and six. On the other hand, since sacrifices are treated as casting costs, you can frequently put the tank itself out of Torch range, and there are many decks that basically can't deal with it at that point. Keep in mind that a lot of the time, you just want to play this out as 3 token units and not really care about whether your opponent answers the 3/3 or not; if they actually spend removal on it, you come out ahead.

This card is one of the main reasons to play the deck (it's in the name!). As many people have noticed, this card gives you a nice healthy dose of inevitability, and in this deck in particular, you get to use the whole Infernus, attacking with a 5/5 overwhelm unit and/or sacrificing it to Devour, Combust, or Brimstone Altar.


Torrent of Spiders:
I think this might be a really reasonable choice, but I haven't gotten around to actually trying it yet. My experience in past sacrifice decks has been lukewarm, since the card is pretty draw-order-dependent (i.e. you sometimes have it in your hand before you actually have stuff in your void). I think you could possibly slot it in as a 2-of in place of something like Brimstone Altar.

Dark Wisp:
I honestly just think this card is a trap. You're paying 2 for a 1/1 that might cycle itself at some indeterminate point in the future. Why not just put good cards in your deck instead?

Piercing Grief:
This might be pretty nice when your opponent is doing literally nothing, but you don't even get to both use the lifesteal and sacrifice the card if your opponent can safely block it (which they often can).

Shadowlands Guide:
In a defensively oriented deck, how good is a 3/1 on average? Moreover, you'd have to cut something to include this, and it can't be the tokens if you want the guide to actually be good when you play it.

Memory Dredger:
This seems too situational to me; maybe in a different style of sacrifice deck, it's the right thing to include, but in this deck, it feels like it's just going to get removed the second you play it, and unlike Obrak, it doesn't come back later when that happens.

Oblivion Spike:
In good cases, you get to whack your opponent for a bunch of damage after a bunch of stuff is in your void. However, frequently, you're just getting a situational 1-for-1 for 5 power against a midrange beater, which is not great.


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Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]

Control Combo

October 3, 2017


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gaonan Eternal Version: 1.26
Nice write up. Did you give any thought to Whispers in the Void? What do you think the advantages of it are versus Flamestoker? Have you still been playing this deck?